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How to Make Your Web Hosting Business Stand Out Among Your Competitors?

Becoming an entrepreneur in these modern days is definitely not child’s play and things go on very tough. It gets more hectic when you get it going and obtain a venture which also turns out profitable. But you have to maintain it and keep going in order to achieve excellence in your web hosting business.

For those, who want to attain good growth in the wide business market of hosting. With the help of the discussion below, you can analyze how you can stand out among your competitors in the web hosting business. In a world where the competition is always on the verge, so it becomes very difficult to differentiate and build an outstanding identity among really many.

It is difficult but never impossible. You can have a look at the huge brands such as GoDaddy, HostingRaja, HostGator, and many more. They have built their own brand identities so that they would be able to command a big share of the market. Effective differentiation is counted as one of the main challenges which a small business has to face. This is because of the fact as they are forced to compete against the big companies.

If we observe, the market of global web hosting services is growing at a very high rate. It is mainly due to the flourishing scalability and its various data security challenges. There is a recent study report published by the Market Research future that the hosting market is booming and is expected to gain prominence over the forecast period.

The global web hosting services market is forecasted to demonstrate growth by 2022 while outperforming its previous growth records for the value with a striking double-digit CAGR in the anticipated period of 2016-2022. The hosting market is expected to grow at USD 154 billion by 2022, at approximately 16% of the CAGR between 2016 and 2022.

Conduct Market Analysis of the Web Hosting Industry

If we portray by the presence of different well-established as well as the small players, the global market of web hosting services seems to be highly competitive. The well-established players integrate the procurement, collaboration, association, partnership, magnification as well as technology launch so that they can achieve a competitive advantage in this market and maintain the market position in a better way.

Basically, these key players compete based upon the pricing, technology as well as services. The vendors which are operating in the market tackle to provide quality web hosting services with 24/7 technical support and along with reliable, scalable as well as affordable shared hosting plans so that they can meet every web hosting need of the consumers such as blogs, e-commerce storefronts as well as custom websites.

It ensures that it provides easy-to-setup as well as affordable web hosting plans which are supported with domain names, and free web applications, custom hosting solutions as well as web design services for the businesses.

The market vendor tries to serve their clients with the utmost care as well as support. It also offers them the money-back guarantee option in the case of unsatisfactory results with the services. They also ensure to take care of the environment along with their clients. As usual, these vendors host so many websites which means so many servers and so much carbon emissions. In order to avoid the carbon footprints and to reduce the environmental impact at the data centers, one should install efficient servers at the locations.


Share of the Global Web Hosting Market in Oct 2021


Web Hosting Business

So, the above screenshot shows a number of clients worldwide by some hosting companies.

Web Hosting Services Market-Regional Analysis

So, let us have a glance at the regional analysis of the web hosting services market in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world is as follows:

The rapid advancement in the web hosting services type leads to the expansion of these services. The web hosting services North American market is leading on the top due to the advancement in the technology as well as the major web hosting players in this region. The combined enterprise demand for managed hosted private cloud environments and the domestic sourcing requirements in the several regions helps in the growth of the Asia-pacific region at a very fast rate.

It happens in order to deliver healthy popularity to the segment. You might know that the European region hosted Internet Protocol (IP) telephony, as well as the unified communications as a service (UCaaS) market, must have a strong growth which is creating good value for the businesses as well as the growth opportunities for the service providers.

Hosting and Domain market share

There are almost 1.94 billion websites in the world. GoDaddy has a very strong market size with an impressive 21% of the online hosted websites. Now, the second most web hosting provider is Amazon, which also records another strong market share as per the web hosting market analysis.

With almost 300 million registered domain names, GoDaddy is handling 60 million domains. This has helped them in making it an internet provider giant with a good share. Now, what comes at third is the OVH hosting service which holds up to 5% of the total market share.

There are also other big hosting companies, namely, HostingRaja, HostGator, and BlueHost, which are still performing great in the shared hosting offers. If we talk on a quick note, over 38.8% of all domain names use the domain name extension. In fact, there are so many gTLDs are available and have been offered in the market, but people still go for .com domains over other extensions.

So, the growth of the web hosting business is increasing significantly every year.

9 Web Hosting Trends to SkyRocket Your Sales in 2021

Web Hosting Business

1. Invest In Colocation

You cannot always afford your server dependency on another server company. So, you must not be part of such companies where you have to be fully dependent on them. So, the solution is to get the whole server on rent from another server company.

When you obtain the full server on rent then the management of the server will be all yours and you will be no more affected by other company’s server situations. There are so many companies out there who provide their data centers on rent such as Digital Realty Trust, Global Switch, DuPont Fabro’s technology, CyrusOne, China Telecom.

2. Cloud Hosting is a Must

In order to maintain your web hosting business, one must know very well that it is important to have a risky path in front of you and manage it as important as taking it. Here, what things are important are decision-making, organizing as well as planning.

Talking in this light, now the most famous in use technology is the “cloud hosting”. Cloud Hosting generally refers to configuring the servers in a flexible way. It provides web hosting on the virtual servers and pulls their resource of computing from the wide-range networks of physical web servers.

Even according to the latest Gartner report, the cloud tech services market is predicted to grow 17.3% ($206 billion) in the year 2019, up from $175.8 billion in 2018 and by 2022, and 90% of organizations use these cloud services. This is the most affordable as well as an efficient alternative to hosting websites either through the dedicated server or the shared server.

This can also be considered as the application of clustered hosts where the websites or the services get their way through multiple servers. With the help of cloud hosting, the server network that is being used is vast and can be drawn from the different data centers which are located at different spots beyond the globe.

The user can get so many benefits when they get cloud hosting, such as reliability, security as well as stability. The benefits of cloud web hosting are endless. This high-end technology is now an excellent option to use in hosting websites which are further required by its customers.

3. Make Your Hosting E-commerce Ready

Magento Continues to Dominate the eCommerce Market. You might know that the dominating and the best e-commerce CMS in the market is Magento. Therefore, in the market of Magento hosting, SiteGround is the only web hosting provider which provides the perfect hosting solution for their customers in terms of quality support, server handling, and good staff.

You must know that a good Magento hosting provider must be aware of its hosting performance that’s got their customer a better website load speed, and has an ability to handle concurrent requests and uptime, reasonable pricing, Magento hosting platform as well as support.

So, these are a few of the things that make up the best Magento hosting provider. Next, your entire server settings should be good enough that if the customer falls for any need, then your team can support you in every possible way. There are several tools, software, and solutions available to make the lives of web hosting providers easier.

WHMCS is one such amazing tool. Whmcs provide additional communication options with APIs and third parties. High-quality WHMCS modules can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations. WHMCS Global Services provides the following modules to help you speed up your web hosting business operations.

4. Start collecting reviews

Customers put their trust in your web hosting services after a lot of thinking so make sure you don’t mess up with your promises as it will impact your business’s reputation. So, you need to start collecting reviews of your own web hosting company from your customers. The best way to capture reviews is in email marketing and in this way, you can make your customer portfolio strong.

The customer reviews will provide businesses the chance to see how the work is going on, and get more in the limelight by the new customers. If you directly ask for reviews from your customers, then it stiffens the relationship with your customer who has recently bought something.

But if you ask for the customer’s feedback, then this will give a kind of impression that you care what they think and you want them to have the best possible experience ever. The next thing is what you need to know via customer reviews and that is what I am listing below:

  1. Capturing honest and authentic reviews
  2. Collecting and sharing a variety of reviews
  3. Balancing the quantity with the quality
  4. Embracing the negative reviews/li>

5. Spend less on Ads and more on Brand Building

We have a team of Inbound Certified experts, who have helped many hosting businesses to attain a good level of growth of their company. Even experts suggest that a beginner should not run any or multiple ads as they should invest in brand building.

In deep, the marketing strategies that the startups use are different than those used by the big companies. Often, the startups get in the water by imitating the big brands.They often try to copy the branded mindset instead of even thinking about their marketing budget prior to it. And, if this is you, then it is better to put money on approaching the guest bloggers, service review bloggers which can help you in building your brand. You should ask for sincere reviews from your customers who are using your web hosting services.

6. Website Builder is a Necessity

In this modernized world, the web hosting business is beyond providing elementary services such as hosting and the domain name. The end clients are definitely getting advantages from the rising number of players in the industry. Therefore, in order to increase saleability, web hosting providers offer business-friendly tools to their clients.

There are so many tools that offer the complimentary package but others are available at a premium only. There is one such tool namely, website builder. This advanced website builder will let your customers build a website on their own without depending on anything. Here, you don’t require any advanced technical knowledge such as coding and scripting, etc.

The website builder avails so many simple as well as interactive tools in order to build awesome websites using the graphical interface. It should be as simple that it can also be used by non-technical clients who cannot even hire advanced professionals. In the end, you have to provide complete ownership of the whole website building.

You can take the example of the most reputed GoDaddy’s advanced website builder. They provide you with the platform to build a better website in a single hour. They give away the number of choices for the design of your website which makes your website look better.

7. Website UI/UX

Maintenance of the website design is also as important as other factors in landing exclusively in the web hosting business. The most basic and important element which can make up your online presence in the web hosting business is the design of its website. Your website design is able to either make or break your business.

Although this can cost you a significant amount of money it has the ability to generate outstanding profit for your business.Your website navigation should be at that level so that the users would be able to explore as well as understand your website. The logo used by your business should be unique as well as attractive.

Moreover, the layout of your website should be exceptional so that it would give an appealing look. Moreover, the effective emotional design will spark a sense of pleasure along with security for your visitors. Therefore, understanding the emotional purpose as well as the usability of every design is the choice that you need to make, otherwise, the bad choice will haunt you later. You need to choose the fonts that feel the same as your corporate image and not the ones that may give conflictive results.

You can also make up the design such as for storytelling. Additionally, the navigation has to be done in an accurate way as if it is done right, then it will lead the audience to what counts most like the customer. Overall, your website design is the first reflection of your business. So, take your time to decide how do you want your customers to grasp your online presence.

8. Managed Solutions

One of the most destined advantages of getting involved in the market of the managed service provider is the recurring revenue. There are many who believe in maximizing profit through managed solutions. The greatest benefit of providing managed services is getting close to your customers and becoming part of their problem-solving team.

But the recurring revenue is the ultimate goal. You may bundle the additional services as well as products during the terms as this will help in extending the contract. Moreover, in order to provide the maximum value as a managed service provider, your customers’ expectations go up to the real handling of the businesses.

This kind of client’s vision makes the doors open for you to explore different business opportunities, possibly a good sale. Through this, you can become the trusted managed service provider for which all the channels strive.

9. Security-First Mindset

A web hosting business should consist of a dedicated security experts team that keeps a record of the daily software vulnerabilities on a server and at the website level. Your team should be super active that they write security patches as well as enhancements in order to stop the possible attacks.

You can also have some better rules listed in the web application firewall that has the ability to solve the multiple identified and still unresolved third-party software vulnerabilities.


Standing out among the crowd of web hosting competitors is not an easy task and it gets difficult with time. So, the above-mentioned short and simple tactics are a must apply to create an advantage for your venture.