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Module Overview

Want to resell .ro extension domains on your WHMCS website? Now you can allow your customers to easily register/transfer .ro domains on your website with our WHMCS RoTLD domain registrar module. Our RoTLD WHMCS module permits the registration as well as management of .ro domain extension within WHMCS. RoTLD will act as the registry of country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) for all the domain names ending .ro. These get triggered in a manner when the payments are done successfully within WHMCS for the domain purchases or renewals.

WHMCS RoTLD Domain Feature List

Register Domain

Easily register new .ro domains directly through your WHMCS platform. The module supports the submission of registration requests, verification processes, and domain activation.  
Clients can initiate the registration process with just a few clicks, making it a hassle-free experience.

Transfer Domain

You can easily facilitate domain transfers. Allow clients to transfer their existing RoTLD domains to your platform, ensuring a secure and reliable process. Our module supports a seamless transfer experience while maintaining domain integrity and ownership.

Domain Renew

With this feature, users can renew the registration of their domain name. It is crucial to renew domain registration to maintain and prevent expiration. The RoTLD domain registrar module automates the renewal process so that users can renew their domain without any interruptions.

Get Contact Details

Retrieve accurate and up-to-date contact information associated with RoTLD domains. Accessing contact details is crucial for maintaining communication with domain owners and ensuring that administrative information is current.

Update Contact Details

Empower clients to manage and update their RoTLD domain contact details easily. Whether it’s a change in ownership or a simple update to contact information, our module allows clients to make these adjustments effortlessly through the WHMCS interface.

Manage Nameservers

Effortlessly manage domain nameservers through the WHMCS RoTLD Domain Registrar Module offer customer with the flexibility to customize and update their domain’s nameserver settings, enabling optimal performance and control over their online presence. 

Your questions, our answers

Yes, WHMCS can support the registration of RoTLD domains. WHMCS provides domain registrar modules or registrars’ APIs that enable integration with various domain registries, including RoTLD.

Yes, WHMCS provides domain availability checking for RoTLD domains. When a client searches for a domain through the WHMCS order form, it can communicate with the RoTLD registry or the registrar’s API to determine if the domain is available for registration. 

The module allows you to manage DNS settings for .ro domains, including the ability to add, modify, or remove DNS records. You can access these settings through the WHMCS interface.

The WHMCS ROTLD domain module provides features like domain renewals, domain transfers, domain registration, Manage Nameservers, and more.

Yes, the WHMCS RoTLD domain module supports automatic domain renewals for .ro domains. You can configure the renewal settings and set the desired renewal period for each domain.

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