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Module Overview

The OpenProvider WISECP registrar module provides a seamless connection to your OpenProvider account, allowing you to streamline tasks like domain provisioning and management. Available on both Cloud DNS paid and free versions, it maintains synchronization of domain expiration dates and auto-renew settings between your WISCEP installation and Openprovider account, ensuring that the relevant domains are renewed daily.

OpenProvider Feature List

Comprehensive domain management

The  OpenProvider WISECP registrar module automates provisioning and management of domain like Registration, Renewal, Transfer, Update nameservers, Update WHOIS contact detail, Get EPP code, Domain Sync, Transfer Sync and Deletion.

TLD/Bulk Price Importer

The module provides the capability to import all top-level domains (TLDs) supported by OpenProvider into WISECP. It also displays the prices for registering, renewing, and transferring these domains. This enhancement will enhance the professionalism of the system.

Flexible DNS Management

Get an exceptional set of functionalities for effectively managing DNS (Domain Name System) using Cloud DNS with this OpenProvider WISECP Registrar Module. It enhances the overall professionalism of DNS management by providing advanced features and capabilities.

Lock/Unlock Registrar

This module empowers your customers with the ability to secure their domains from unauthorized alterations directly through the WISECP client area, ensuring the utmost protection for their valuable online assets.

DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

The OpenProvider WISECP module will help you to provide your customers with turning on/off DNSSEC with hosted zone from the WISECP client area. This feature enhances the professionalism of your services while ensuring robust security.

Domain Check Availability

The module offers exceptional functionalities for effectively managing DNS (Domain Name System) using Cloud DNS. It enhances the overall professionalism of DNS management by providing advanced features and capabilities.

Your questions, our answers

WISECP is a web hosting and billing automation platform that helps you manage your web hosting business efficiently. It provides various modules and integrations to streamline your domain registration, management, and billing processes.

OpenProvider is a domain registrar and wholesale hosting provider. It offers domain registration services, SSL certificates, and other hosting-related products. OpenProvider is known for its wide range of domain extensions and robust API for domain management.

The OpenProvider WISECP Registrar Module integrates the OpenProvider domain registration services into the WISECP system. It allows you to register and manage domains directly from within WISECP, providing a seamless domain management experience for your clients.

To install the OpenProvider WISECP Registrar Module, you need to follow the installation instructions provided by WISECP. Typically, it involves uploading the module files to your server, configuring the module settings with your OpenProvider API credentials, and activating the module within the WISECP administration panel.

The OpenProvider WISECP Registrar Module offers a range of domain management features, including domain registration, domain transfers, DNS management, WHOIS privacy settings, domain renewal management, and more. These features allow you to handle your clients’ domains and related services efficiently.

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