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Module Overview

Allow your customers to Register/Transfer .ch & .li domains on your website. Our WGS SWITCH Domain Registrar WHMCS Module allows the registration as well as management of .ch & .li domains within WHMCS. SWITCH will act as the registry of country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) for all the domain names ending with .ch as well as .li. These get triggered in a manner when the payments are done successfully within WHMCS for the domain purchases or renewals.


  • A signed and valid Partner Agreement from SWITCH
  • An IP address for your EPP client that has been activated by SWITCH
Auto Provisioning of Domains

Our module provides automation of domain management process. Once your customer register/transfer/cancel a domain, our module automatically processes his/her request over Switch.

Register/Transfer/Cancel Domain

Allow your customers to Register/Transfer/Cancel the domains with .ch and .li extensions.

Generate EPP Code

Our module generate an EPP code in case your customer wants to transfer their domain on a different domain registrar.

Manage Nameservers

The admin and the customers can create as well as manage custom nameservers for the specific domain.

Update contact details

Our modules allow your customers to manage their contact details.

Domain Sync Script

This Domain Sync Script option will enable your customers to attain the expiry date as well as overall status of the domain.

Managing DNS records

Your customers can easily manage DNS records in the client area itself.

Enabling/Disabling the Domain Auto-renewal

Avoid auto renewals of domains by simply disallowing the domain auto renewal process.

WHO IS Privacy

Your customers have the option to hide their identity when they purchase a domain on your website.

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