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Module Overview

Grow your domain business while selling domains with AWS route 53 services using our WHMCS module. The entire process will consist of the auto-provisioning as you do not need to perform any manual activation. Whenever the user will purchase domains, their domain will get registered without logging to the AWS login panel within the WHMCS module. As soon as you will receive the response from AWS, the domain will be automatically activated. After the successful payment, the customer can view the status and continue while logging into the dashboard.

Register Domain

The customer can register the domain within our WHMCS module which will make the whole process automatic without logging in to the AWS login panel.

Transfer Domain

Your registered users attain the option to transfer a domain to the WGS Amazon if they find the services of third-party perturbing.

IDProtect Toggle

This IDProtect Toggle option will provide you the option to whether to enable or disable the contact details of the owner.

Get EEP Code

The generated EEP code provides the security measure with which only the domain owner has the allowance to perform some specific functions on the domain name.

Get Registrar Lock

Within our WGS Amazon WHMCS module, we provide the registrar lock which prevents the unauthorized domain transfers. This feature is enabled for the entire domains.

Save Registrar Lock

We, at WGS, keep your entire domains locked to make them secured all the way. If your customer alters any details, it will automatically unlock and re-lock the domain name.

Manage Nameservers

With the help of our WGS Amazon WHMCS module, your customers have the option to manage the custom nameservers for the particular domain.

Update Contact Details

Whenever any customer registers their domain, allow them to manage their contact details.

Manage DNS

Your customers have the option to manage DNS records.

Currently our module supports the following DNS record types:
  • A (address record)
  • AAAA (IPv6 address record)
  • CNAME (canonical name record)
  • MX (mail exchange record)
  • NAPTR (name authority pointer record)
  • NS (name server record)

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