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Module Overview

Grow your domain business while selling domains with AWS route 53 services using our WHMCS module. The entire process will consist of the auto-provisioning as you do not need to perform any manual activation. Whenever the user will purchase domains, their domain will get registered without logging to the AWS login panel within the WHMCS module. As soon as you will receive the response from AWS, the domain will be automatically activated. After the successful payment, the customer can view the status and continue while logging into the dashboard.

AWS Route 53 WHMCS Feature List

Comprehensive domain management

Module created special for AWS resellers to automate provisioning and management of domain like Registration, Transfer, Renewal, Update nameservers, Update whois contact detail, Get EPP code, Domain Sync, Transfer Sync and Deletion.

Domain Importer

Module will give advanced feature to import your AWS Route 53 domains in your WHMCS.

TLD/Bulk Price Importer

Module will give ability to import all AWS Route 53 supported TLD’s and price for Register, Renewal and Transfer in WHMCS.

Flexible DNS Management

Maintain complete control over all DNS aspects and access a broad selection of supervision instruments!

Lock/Unlock Registrar

Module will give ability to your customers to lock/unclock their domains from WHMCS clientarea to protect domain against unauthorized changes.

Enable/Disable Auto Renewal

Module will give ability to your customers to enable/disable auto renewal from WHMCS clientarea.

ID protection

Module allow your customers to enable ID protection with their domains to protect their personal data in the whois from unauthorized peoples.

DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Module will have ability to provide your customers to enabling/disabling DNSSEC with hosted zone from WHMCS client area.

Domain Check Availability & Suggestions

Module provides awesome feature to check domain availability, lookup and domain suggestions using AWS Route 53 domain registrar module.

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