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Module Overview

Cloud hosting is the voguish form of hosting which has become popular in the past few years. It provides a scalable environment to handle the varying traffic spikes along with the durability in order to confront the server failure. Hetzner is the data center operator based hosting company in Gunzenhausen, Germany. What distinguishes a cloud server of Hetzner from other companies is its server management interface. Our Hetzner module is designed in a way so that WHMCS admin can easily sell/resell the cloud servers of Hetzner to their clients.

Make your client purchase the enlisted cloud server products on your website without even letting them know about its reference to Hetzner. All the user details will be indirectly registered on Hetzner only. Through our WHMCS client area, you allow your clients to manage the various configuration on it. We have integrated the interface of our Hetzner module in a way that your clients won’t need to face any issue in managing their own cloud server.

Dedicated Features

Order Floating IP's

Your clients can easily order additional Floating IP’s from the WHMCS Client Area.

Floating IP's Management

  • Clients can change the description of the Floating IP’s
  • Clients can Edit Reverse DNS
  • Clients can Reset Reverse DNS
  • Clients can Disable/Enable Protection for Floating IP’s
  • Clients can assign/unassign the floating IPs to an existing server.

Reboot Server

Make your clients able to reboot their servers within the WHMCS client area to get the server access again.

Shutdown Server

Clients can easily shut down their servers when in need within the WHMCS client area.

Reset Server

Help your clients in making a fresh start on resetting their server within the WHMCS client area.

Root password Reset

If your client forgot the root password of your server, then he can reset it easily in a few minutes within the client area.

Check bandwidth usage

Within the WHMCS client area, your client can easily monitor the usage of the bandwidth.

Check Upload and Download data

Your client will have the ability to check the upload and download data of the server within the WHMCS client area.

Rescue server

Your client can easily enable the rescue mode for the server within the WHMCS client area.

Rebuild Server

With this option, your client would have the ability to rebuild the whole cloud server with the specific operating system in the WHMCS client area.

Graphical Usage Checker

Your clients can easily check the usage via a graph of CPU, disk IOPS, disk throughput, Network PPS and Network traffic.

Upgrade/Downgrade Server

With this option, your client can change the type of the server. Once your client upgrades to the next level configuration, the whole server will be upgraded. If your clients want to downgrade the server, then he can but the disk size will remain the same.

Upgrade/Downgrade options

Your client can upgrade IP as well as Volume with the help of these upgrade/downgrade options in our WHMCS client area.


Our first add-on is Backup which helps your clients to make a copy of their current server when you need it in the future. With enabling backup, the client can re-build the server.

Server Snapshot

The second add-on is the snapshot which can also be used by the client in the WHMCS client area to re-build the server.

Note: If a person is willing to buy additional floating IPs for their server, then he can purchase it via client area. But, for now, it is under construction.

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