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Module Overview

Hetzner Cloud Module is a WHMCS auto-provisioning tool, which allows you to manage Hetzner Cloud Instances using your WHMCS Billing Panel. Now let your clients manage all the features available in the WHMCS client area. We have integrated the interface of our Hetzner module in a way that your clients won’t need to face any issue in managing their own cloud server.

The server management interface of our Hetzner Cloud module is what distinguishes it from the cloud servers from other companies. Our Hetzner module is designed in a way so that WHMCS admin can easily sell/resell the cloud servers of Hetzner to their clients. You can now make your clients purchase the enlisted cloud server products on your website without even letting them know about its reference to Hetzner. Besides, all the user details will be indirectly registered on Hetzner only.

So waiting for what? Place your order for Hetzner Cloud WHMCS Module at WGS and let your clients manage their reseller services seamlessly!

Hetzner Feature List

Server Handling

Your clients can perform various server-related tasks including server reboot, reset, rescue, and rebuild from within the WHMCS client area.

IP Management

Hetzner module interface enables your clients to manage floating IPs from the WHMCS client area.

Monitor Bandwidth Usage

Your client can monitor the usage of the bandwidth easily from the WHMCS client area and can take the actions required to manage it.

Monitor Graphical Usage

Lets your clients create graphs to track the usage of CPU, disks IOPS, disk throughput, Network PPS, and Network traffic.

Enable BackUp

Clients can make a copy of their existing server as and when required to rebuild the server.

Access Remote Console Access

The module allows WHMCS admin users and clients to access the Remote Console Access from the admin and client areas, respectively.

Reset Root Password

Clients can reset the root password anytime in just a few minutes within the client area.

Server Configuration

Clients can change the type of the server by upgrading or downgrading the server as and when needed.

Mount/Unmount ISO

Clients can mount/unmount ISO images anytime from the WHMCS client area.

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