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Module Overview

Cloud hosting is the voguish form of hosting which has become popular in the past few years. It provides a scalable environment to handle the varying traffic spikes along with the durability in order to confront the server failure. Hetzner is the data center operator based hosting company in Gunzenhausen, Germany. What distinguishes a cloud server of Hetzner from other companies is its server management interface. Our Hetzner module is designed in a way so that WHMCS admin can easily sell/resell the cloud servers of Hetzner to their clients.

Make your client purchase the enlisted cloud server products on your website without even letting them know about its reference to Hetzner. All the user details will be indirectly registered on Hetzner only. Through our WHMCS client area, you allow your clients to manage the various configuration on it. We have integrated the interface of our Hetzner module in a way that your clients won’t need to face any issue in managing their own cloud server.

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