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Founded in 2009, WHMCS Global Services (WGS) is a world-class provider and partner of customized web hosting and billing services including customized WHMCS, Blesta and WISCEP solutions. We make lives easier through automated solutions for clients across the globe. Formerly known as WHMCS Global, we strive to deliver top-quality solutions to our clients.

From just two developers on board, we have now expanded to a larger team of experts and WHMCS developers. For the first 4 years of our operation, we focused on enhancing our scripts, documentation and improving our codes to ensure accuracy in our custom development offerings. We aim to constantly provide affordable solutions and services that not only reduce the workload of clients but also make businesses more efficient in using the latest technologies.

WHMCS Global Services has been a leading choice for web hosts because of the simplicity and dependability that we have to offer. Having served the industry for over a decade, we ensure maximum security and safety for our users. Since we truly believe in making web hosting automation easy for users, our clients vouch for our WHMCS modules and themes.

We try our level best to make the experience absolutely flawless and user-friendly. In addition to these, we believe in leveraging our experience in the sector as well as bringing together the best minds from different countries. With an active community and forum, we try to disseminate every bit of information, tips and tricks related to WHMCS. On the track of establishing ourselves as thought leaders in the web hosting industry, users get access to the best practices in the space.

Our Vision

Strengthening web hosting businesses by providing serious WHMCS automations & support.


Today we offer a whole new level to business automation that increases efficiency and helps maximize revenue to our client’s business. Our entire team is very passionate about their work and in terms of development or creating new things in fact anything is possible for us in WHMCS.

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