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You don’t like trusting your data to Apple, Google, Microsoft or anyone else? Well, try the do-it-yourself way: You can use Nextcloud to set up your own cloud storage either on an office server or off your own external service.

What do our Nextcloud Integration with WHMCS?

It’s a great beneficial module for hosting providers who wants to resell the cloud space to their users or who they are already selling cloud storage. With our module you don’t need to do any manual work. You can create various types of products within WHMCS.


Reseller Package

With Reseller products option, While buying this service your end user can create a reseller with their choice of group name, option to choose how much space and how much user account limit they require. Once invoice is marked paid reseller account would be created and mail sent to reseller with the login details. After that once they login into their reseller cloud account they can create their required users.


Predefined Group & Quota

This feature is beneficial for those individual users who needs a custom storage plans. If admin wants to sell small packages like single account with minimum space. Moreover admin have a choice to let their user to choose from the group name and quota, or can set predefined quota and group name for products.

FTP Backup WHMCS SoYouStart module

Upgrade/Downgrade Packages

This feature works like the default functionality within WHMCS that customer orders an upgraded package and invoice will get generated and then user quota can be upgraded after invoice is paid without any data loss.


Nextcloud WHMCS App

Nextcloud WHMCS App is the spinalcord for WHMCS module, this app is accountable for communication between WHMCS and Nextcloud. You must enable WHMCS Integration App from your Nextcloud installation to commence.
WHMCS link in the navigation pane will let you to set account limit for groups available in Nextcloud except “admin” group.


Nextcloud WHMCS Provisioning Module

WHMCS Nextcloud Provisioning module will let you to create automatically Nextcloud users within specified group and quota from WHMCS. This will also gives you a way to suspend, unsuspend, terminate account. This also helps you to change password, email address for Nextcloud account.
WHMCS Nextcloud module will also give you a way to configure module in diverse modes in accordance to meet below possibilities:

Create Nextcloud account with customer’s choice group and quota.

Create Nextcloud account with admin user’s choice group and quota.

Create Nextcloud account without group.

Create Nextcloud account with user’s choice group (will create new) and can set user as Group admin.

Account limit for a group on two levels i.e. App Level and Module Level.


Nextcloud Single Click Sign in & Email Address

Nextcloud Provisioning Module provides your customers a method to login to their Nextcloud account with single from WHMCS client area. Customer can also alter the Nextcloud email address from WHMCS that receives notifications. By default customer’s email address is automatically added to customer’s Nextcloud account.

Show the intervention history

Nextcloud WHMCS Admin Area Addon

This plugin on admin area of WHMCS will give you the mode to manage your all Nextcloud users, don’t require to go in Nextcloud login. Admin can alter display name, password, groups, group admins, delete user. On the top right corner of the module “WHMCS Users” link filter users that have service with WHMCS.


Multiple Servers

If you have more than one Nextcloud installations, then our both modules are suitable to manage your several Nextcloud installations. You can add several servers in WHMCS. In addon module on top right corner, you will see a drop down that will illustrate you all the servers with which Nextcloud module is attached.


Manage Groups

Admin user can set limit for groups except main admin group. By clicking on view link, can see users in a group and Admin users of the group. You can also delete pointless groups.


Add New User

You also can add order for client for Nextcloud product that you have configured already. If you want to create user only at only Nextcloud not to generate order then don’t select any client and product.

Choose a plan that suits you

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USD per Month

  • 10 days money back guarantee
  • Refund is not applicable on renewals.
  • Trail licensee not available
  • Free modules updates till license is active
  • Free support till license is active
  • One time free installation and next time onwards $15/setup
  • Developer License not included

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USD per Annual

  • 10 days money back guarantee
  • Refund is not applicable on renewals.
  • Trail licensee not available
  • Free support till license is active
  • Free modules updates till license is active
  • One time free installation and next time onwards $15/setup
  • Free Dev License On Request

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Open Source



  • No Refund
  • One time payment and no hidden cost
  • 1 Year free support & updates included but not in modified code.
  • Additional years support and updates will be $99/year
  • No license verification
  • Code sharing is not allowed except your organization.

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WHMCS 5, 6, 7 & PHP 7

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