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Module Overview

The WHMCS ownCloud Module for WHMCS is meant for cloud storage providers via ownCloud. WHMCS manages ownCloud with two of its modules “WHMCS Provisioning Module”, “WHMCS Admin Area Addon Module” and with ownCloud Third Party App “WHMCS_integration”. The combination of three will provide ultimate flexibility to manage ownCloud users from WHMCS. The module also includes, multiple ownCloud installations that can be managed with the ownCloud provisioning Module and ownCloud Admin Area Module. The ownCloud App is not only the way to communicate with WHMCS but it also helps you to set account limit for each ownCloud group. Now the ownCloud users have an excellent way to manage their customers, their invoices and orders from WHMCS. Our admin area ownCloud addon module provides you a way to manage all of your ownCloud admin functionality and prevents you to login again and again to your ownCloud admin. You can manage users, groups assigned to user, quota and ownCloud groups as well. While adding user to ownCloud, you can also add order for client.

Module Features

ownCloud WHMCS App

ownCloud WHMCS App is the backbone for WHMCS modules, this app is responsible for communication between WHMCS and ownCloud. You must enable WHMCS Integration App from your ownCloud installation to start. The WHMCS link in the navigation panel will let you set account limit for groups available in ownCloud except “admin” group.

ownCloud WHMCS Provisioning Module

WHMCS ownCloud Provisioning Module will allow you to automatically create ownCloud resellers , users with specified group and quota from WHMCS. This will also give you a way to suspend, unsuspend, terminate account and change password, email address of ownCloud account. WHMCS ownCloud module give you a way to configure module in different modes in accordance to meet below possibilities:

  • Create ownCloud account with customer’s choice quota
  • Create ownCloud account with admin user’s choice group and quota
  • Create ownCloud account without group
  • Create ownCloud account with user’s choice group(will create new) and can set user as Group admin
  • Account limit for a group on two levels i.e. App Level and Module Level

ownCloud Single Click Sign in & Email Address

ownCloud Provisioning Module provides your customers a way to login to their ownCloud account with a single click from WHMCS client area. Customer can also change the ownCloud email address from WHMCS that receives notifications. By default customer’s email address is automatically added to customer’s ownCloud account.

ownCloud WHMCS Admin Area Addon

This plugin on admin area is a mode to manage all your ownCloud users, without tapping into the ownCloud login. Admin can alter display name, password, groups, group admins, delete user etc. The WHMCS Users link on the top right corner of the module (see image) filters users that have service with WHMCS.

Multiple Servers

If you have more than one ownCloud installations, then both our modules are convenient to manage your multiple ownCloud installations. You can add multiple servers in WHMCS. In addon module on top right corner, you will see a drop down that will show you all the servers with which ownCloud module is attached.

Manage Groups

Admin can set limit for groups except main admin group. By clicking on view link, you can view users in a group as well as admin(s) of the group. You can also delete unnecessary groups.

Add New User

You can also add order for client for owncloud product that you have configured already. If you want to create user only at owncloud and don’t want to create order then don’t select any client and product.

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