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Module Overview

The Digital Ocean Server Module streamlines the process of setting up and managing virtual machines (VMs) by automating various tasks. This module offers a range of customizable options, allowing you to efficiently manage your servers while staying on your website. With this module, you can stay on your website while managing your servers – thanks to all the configurable options offered. Another striking feature of this module is the ability to control everything remotely. This helps your customers to control the functioning of their Droplets. Thus, the users can install/re-install the OS, backup automatically, modify DNS records etc. Make it more professional and paraphrase.

Digital Ocean Feature List


The auto-provisioning feature initiates automatically upon a customer’s purchase of a new Digital Ocean service. This professional functionality eliminates the need for manual intervention by seamlessly setting up the required resources.

Configurable Options

The provisioning of Digital Ocean Droplets is automated based on the configurable options of the product. This ensures a seamless and efficient set-up process tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

Digital Ocean Management Feature

Digital Ocean server module provides customers with Digital Ocean management capabilities, enabling them to quickly start, stop, reboot the droplet, manage snapshots and firewalls also.

Manage Snapshots

Clients have the capability to effortlessly view the snapshots they have created, as well as take manual snapshots whenever needed. Additionally, the restoration of snapshots is a seamless process that can be completed promptly.

Manage Firewall rules

Customers can efficiently handle firewall rules directly from their client area. This feature allows them to take full control of their firewall configurations in a professional and user-friendly manner.

Droplet Activity Logs

Customers can access and review droplet activity logs directly from their client area, adding a touch of professionalism to their experience.

Your questions, our answers

The WISECP Digital Ocean Server WHMCS module integrates DigitalOcean servers into the WHMCS system, enabling you to offer DigitalOcean Droplets as hosting products to your customers. It automates the provisioning, management, and billing processes for DigitalOcean servers within WHMCS.

To install the WISECP Digital Ocean Server WHMCS module, you need to follow the installation instructions provided by WISECP. Typically, it involves uploading the module files to your WHMCS server, configuring the module settings with your DigitalOcean API credentials, and activating the module within the WHMCS administration panel.

The WISECP Digital Ocean Server WHMCS module offers features such as automated provisioning and termination of DigitalOcean Droplets, server management functionalities (start, stop, reboot, etc.), resource allocation and monitoring, billing and invoicing integration, and client area management for DigitalOcean servers.

Yes, the WISECP Digital Ocean Server WHMCS module provides a client area interface where customers can manage their DigitalOcean servers. They can perform actions like starting, stopping, rebooting, and accessing console access to their servers directly from the WHMCS client area.

Yes, the WISECP Digital Ocean Server WHMCS module supports server backups. It allows you to configure backup options and schedules for DigitalOcean servers within WHMCS, providing your customers with automated backup functionality for their servers. 

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