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Module Overview

WGS iRedmail WISECP Module is a comprehensive mail server solution compatible with both the paid and free versions of iRedmail. It is developed to streamline the process of offering email hosting to your clients by providing automated provisioning of email accounts. With the WGS iRedMail Module, you can quickly add domains and create, suspend, and terminate email accounts, making your email hosting services more professional and efficient. Also,  iRedMail supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP over TLS and offers an outstanding webmail app with full HTTPS support.

iRedMail Feature List


WGS iRedmail module allows automatic provisioning upon the client’s purchase of a new iRedMail service, enabling its professional capabilities. In addition, with this module, clients can quickly start using email the service without any delay or complications.

Configurable Options

From setting up emails storage limits to defining mailbox quotas, you have the ability to personalize email configurations as per your preferences. With these options at your fingertips, you can fine-tune your email system to streamline with your organization’s requirements.

Management Feature
iRedMail Management Feature

Efficiently manage your iRedmail installation with specific management features provided by the WGS iRedmail module. This intuitive interface allows you to easily handle various management features for clients to add multiple domains, add multiple emails, add catch-all address, enable/disable web mail account and more.

Multiple Emails

Easily add multiple emails to your specific domains. This WGS iRedmail Module simplifies creating, modifying, and deleting email addresses. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual email account management and embrace streamlined efficiency. 

Enable/Disable email account

The iRedMail Module lets you quickly enable or disable IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) & POP Email functionality. IMAP allows users to access and manage their emails on multiple devices while keeping them synchronized.

Change Email Password

This Module simplifies the process of changing email passwords. With just a few clicks, you can securely update user passwords, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of email accounts. Allow customers to use POP mail services through secure connections.

Your questions, our answers

 The WGS iRedMail module is a component that integrates the iRedMail email server solution with the Wireless Gateway Service (WGS). It allows you to set up and manage email accounts on your WGS infrastructure using iRedMail’s feature-rich email server software. 

iRedMail for WISECP is designed to work seamlessly with WISECP and is compatible with most other WISECP modules. However, checking compatibility with specific modules is always recommended to ensure smooth integration.

Yes, WHMCS Global Services provides technical support for iRedMail for WISECP. You can reach out to our support team for any assistance or questions you may have regarding the module.

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