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HostX - WHMCS Web Hosting Template

HostX is ready to use WHMCS hosting template which is designed for web hosting businesses. This WHMCS template comes with prebuilt front-end pages and a completely redesigned WHMCS client area. HostX is fully customizable from the WHMCS admin panel and can be used to build hosting websites in just one day.


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CloudX - WHMCS Web Hosting + Client Area Template

If you are planning to develop a professional web hosting website, the CloudX theme is the best option as it is user-friendly, flexible, and fulfills your business requirements. This theme is easily customizable as you can adjust it at your convenience. Moreover you can create the webhosting site in few hours with help of this theme.    

CloudX Theme offers an impressive set of features that includes - a navigation layout style, a multiple-home page layout style, multiple dynamic pricing layouts, 15 custom pages, and much more.   


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WHMCS Web Hosting Themes and Templates

WHMCS Global Services is the leading name among WHMCS developers when it comes to develop custom WHMCS solutions, WHMCS modules or WHMCS themes.

With a vast experience in delivering top notch WHMCS modules, WGS has started it journey towards WHMCS designing solutions. We understand the end customer’s requirements, pain and accordingly we develop the solutions to reduce their pain.

All our WHMCS themes are created according to the modern designing standards and user requirements. This makes our web hosting themes and templates standout in the WHMCS market.


What makes WGS themes unique?

Uniqueness comes from the processes we follow to create a web hosting themes and templates

We have an organized team of UI/UX developers who collects data from various WHMCS custom designing requests. Then, we filter out the common requests and send it for the marketing review.

Our marketing team analyzes the importance of each forwarded design request and after calculating the value and benefit of a particular request we send it for the development.


Your questions, our answers

Yes, in most cases, you can use a WHMCS theme or template on multiple websites. However, it’s essential to review the licensing terms and conditions provided by the theme/template developer or provider. Some themes/templates may have restrictions on the number of installations or require separate licenses for each website. Make sure to read the licensing agreement or contact the theme/template provider for specific details regarding multiple website usage. 

Yes, WHMCS themes and templates are typically designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly. These themes and templates are created with a focus on providing a consistent and user-friendly experience across various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

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Yes, at WGS, you can get 24×7 support; no matter what error you are facing, solving your issue is our first priority. 

You can redeem your coupon only once. It is essential to review the terms and conditions provided with the coupon carefully.