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Module Overview

Vultr server module is a fully automated module that allow your customers to reliable Cloud Servers on the Vultr Platform. The core functionality of this module is adding of creation, suspension, and termination of server, manage firewall and snapshots also.

Vultr Feature List

Power control

Your client can easily Reboot & Rescue their server from their WISECP client area.

KVM Viewer

Your client can access the KVM console directly in WISECP.

Vultr Management Feature

Offering Vultr management features for customers to start, stop, reboot the server.

Statistical Graphs

Module shows server stats in the client area like CPU Overview, CPU Burst, incoming/outgoing network traffic, instance status check failures, system status check failures.

Firewall Management

Module offering firewall management (add, update and delete firewall rules)

Snapshots Management

Module offering to create snapshot, delete and restore snapshots.

Client Area Features

With Vultr Module you can allow your clients full access over their servers and you don’t have to worry about technical assistance anymore. Here is all your clients can do now to manage their servers automatically.

  1. Start/Stop/Reboot
    Your clients can start, stop, Reboot the server from the clientarea
  2. Reinstall
    Your clients can reinstall the server by choosing any operating system
  3. Manage Snapshots
    Clients are allowed to view the created snapshots, take manual snapshots or even restore them quickly
  4. Change Package
    If clients want to upgrade their existing package to a premium package then, doing this is also possible with the Vultr module.

Admin Area Features

Vultr Module provides many features in the WISECP admin panel where the admin can easily manage the maximum required action directly from the admin area.

  1. Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate Server
    Admin can create, suspend, unsuspend and terminate the Vultr manually from the admin area Service page
  2. Start/Stop/Reboot
    Admin can start, stop, Reboot the server from the admin area Service page
  3. Server Information
    Admin can see the server information in admin side with specific client service

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