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Module Overview

The SkyNode server hosting empowers our esteemed customers to effortlessly manage their acquired cloud server services and associated additional features directly on the Client Area. This sophisticated module provides our customers with a comprehensive overview of their server information and enables them to efficiently control server power actions, such as initiating, stopping, restarting, and performing a rebuild or reinstallation of their server.

Skynode Feature List

Skynode Management Feature

This cutting-edge feature enables users to initiate, halt, or perform a system reboot at their convenience, granting them unprecedented flexibility and efficiency in managing their servers.

KVM Viewer

With this Skynode server module, your client can access the KVM console, which provides direct access to the virtual machine, similar to a remote desktop connection.


Customers have the option to perform a server reinstallation and select their preferred operating system from a range of available choices.

Power control

With this Skynode hosting module, your client can create, suspend, unsuspend and terminate the SkyNode panel manually from the admin area Service panel.

Server Status

We offer our esteemed clients the ability to conveniently verify the present operational status of our server, ensuring transparency and reliability.

Your questions, our answers

The installation process typically involves downloading the module from the WISECP website, extracting the files, and uploading them to the appropriate directory in your WHMCS installation. You will also need to configure the module settings withinCS and enter your SkyNode Server API credentials to establish the connection. 

The module aims to support a wide range of SkyNode Server features and functionalities. However, it’s recommended to review the module’s documentation or contact the WISECP support team to confirm specific supported features and any limitations. 

The official WISECP website typically provides documentation and user guides for their modules. You can visit their website and navigate to the documentation section to find detailed instructions on how to use and configure the SkyNode Server Module. Additionally, you can reach out to their support team for assistance with any issues or inquiries.

The module may have a cost associated with it. Pricing and licensing details are usually provided on the WISECP website or during the module’s purchase process. Make sure to check the pricing information or contact WISECP directly to get accurate details regarding the module’s cost.

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