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Module Overview

Our module will work with both iRedMail paid and free version. This module is about iRedMail as a mail server solution. If you want to offer, email hosting to your customers and want the easiest way to auto-provision the email accounts then WGS iRedMail WHMCS Module is the best module for you. The core functionality of this module is adding of domain, creation, suspension, and termination of email accounts.

By default, iRedMail supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP over TLS and offers an outstanding webmail app with full HTTPS support.

iRedMail Feature List



Start auto provisioning when a customer purchases a new iRedMail service.


Configurable Options

Automatically iRedMail provisioning depending on the product configurable options.

iRedMail Management Feature

Offering iRedMail management features for customers to add multiple domains, add multiple emails, Add catch-all address, enable/disable web mail account.

Multiple Domains

Allow the customers to add multiple domains in iRed Mail

Multiple Emails

Allow the customers to add multiple emails for specific domain

Catch All

Allow the customers to capture the emails that sent to any invalid email addresses of the domain.

Enable/Disable IMAP Email

Allow customers to use IMAP mail services through secure connections

Enable/Disable POP Email

Allow customers to use POP mail services through secure connections

Change Email Password

Allow the customers to change the password of specific email

Your questions, our answers

The iRed Mail WHMCS module integrates with WHMCS and allows you to automate the provisioning and management of iRed Mail mailboxes, domains, and related settings. It synchronizes customer data, creates email accounts, manages domain configurations, and handles other aspects of iRed Mail server administration. 

The iRed Mail WHMCS module typically offers features such as automated provisioning of iRed Mail accounts, domain management, mailbox creation, email aliases management, password synchronization, and client area integration within WHMCS. 

Yes, the iRed Mail WHMCS module typically allows customization of the provisioning process. You can configure settings such as default mailbox quotas, anti-spam measures, email account limits, and other aspects to align with your specific requirements. 

You can find documentation and support for the iRed Mail WHMCS module in WISECP on the official WISECP website. They may provide a user guide or knowledge base articles specifically for the iRed Mail integration.

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