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Create Custom Recurring Invoices

Generating custom recurring Invoices is a pain in WHMCS. You have to create a new product every time to generate a custom recurring amount invoice. What if you can generate a custom recurring amount invoice without creating a new product in WHMCS? With our Recurring Invoice management module, WHMCS admin can create as many as custom recurring invoices from the whmcs admin. Not only this, the module automatically generates the invoice based on the billing cycle selected while creating the invoice. You can select the invoice billing cycle as following, 7 Days, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually. So it has become easy for the WHMCS admin to raise small custom recurring invoices.

Module Key Features

Create Recurring Invoices

WHMCS admin can create recurring invoices without creating products and services from the WHMCS admin.

Create/Cancel Subscriptions

WHMCS admin can create recurring invoice subscriptions and can cancel when it get ends.

View Invoice Logs

Admin can check the logs of the recurring invoices created in the admin.

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