A payment gateway to merge Blockchain with WHMCS and support latest V2 API. This module helps you to take free Bitcoin transactions from your clients using’s Receiving API v2. You just need API key & extended public Key.  To obtain API key & public key follow this link :

In new API confirmations are optional and  either you can set 3 confirmation level or leave that field empty before an invoice is marked Paid. It supports WHMCS 6.3 to 7.2 as well.

Your questions, our answers

  • How to Get API Key?

  • How to acquire Extended Public Key (xPub)?

  • How many confirmations do need to set?

    After payment is done at blockchain. You can see “unconfirmed” payment at Blockchain. This means Blockchain does not included in the Blockchian and is still reversible. A transaction typically takes around 1 to 5 minutes to be confirmed. Blockchain send confirmation to Shopping Cart after a interval and confirmations is increased by one. You can set in whmcs gateway configuration what number of confirmations you required to check before invoice is paid. It can be 0 by default.

Installation Instructions:


Step 1. Upload blockchainv2.php file and blockchainv2 folder to modules/gateways/ directory.

Step 2. Upload callback/blockchainv2.php file to modules/gateways/callback/ directory.

Step 3. After uploading files login in admin panel and go to Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways and Active “Blockchain V2” gateway.

Step 4. After activation add your Extended Public Key and Api key in gateway configuration fields.

Step 5. Optional – Enable Roundup Currency length

Note : You must have to delete the old block chain module before testing take the backup and than delete.


Created Date
26 JANUARY 2016
Last Update Date
03 February 2017
V 1.0.5
WHMCS 6.3.1, WHMCS 7.0.1

Installation Process

whmcs installation

Change Log

Version : V1.0.1 26 JANUARY 2016

Version : V1.0.2 25 MAY 2016

Version : V1.0.3 04 NOVEMBER 2016

Version : V1.0.4 26 February 2017

Version : V1.0.5 03 May 2017