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Module Overview

Permit yourself as well as your customers to get a real-time insight of data usage of a specific dedicated server. This module allows you to easily manage the data flow of the network and hence allows WHMCS to create bill of over usages automatically. This will help you to balance your server load. You will get a beautiful and powerful yet simple and intuitive interface of Observium to the health and status of your network in WHMCS only. Our WHMCS + Observium module will help you to show real time usage through correct graphs, monitor bandwidth & bill for overages.

Module Features

Bill based on over usage

Never afford a business loss when we are here to help you with the accurate billing of the data usage. When you assign a dedicated server, you need to attain the idea of the data usage by your customer. Make the process hassle-free while generating a bill of the over usage automatically with our Observium WHMCS module.

Show real-time Data speed Stats

The default WHMCS doesn’t contain the feature of Observium that depicts you are not allowed to know the data usage of the customer. But the Observium WHMCS module retains the entire records and generates the statistics of the real-time data at any required time.

Traffic billing summary

The multiple statistics of the real-time data provides insights into the over usage of the particular dedicated server. Traffic Billing Summary is useful to ease the process of tracking and billing customer bandwidth usage. Within some duration of time, you can receive the total transferred data along with the traffic billing.

Notification based on the data reached like 80% or 100%

Automatically send the notification of data usage warning to your customers when they are likely to end up with their data usage. Once enrolled, your customers will directly receive the notifications of the over usage and the billing will be done automatically. Either your customers approach a terabyte mega data usage plan or a megabyte, they will be notified at the end of the plan automatically.

Historical data usage report

Review your historical data usage report either monthly or weekly. Get the proper analytics of the data you have spent while using a specific dedicated server of any month in megabytes. You will also be notified whenever you cross a threshold amount of data usage monthly of weekly.




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