Observium WHMCS Module

Observium is an auto discovering network monitoring application used in the networking infrastructure. Our WHMCS + Observium module will help you to show real time usage through correct graphs, monitor bandwidth & bill for overages.

Observium WHMCS billing Module feature list :

  • Show the real time data transfer speed for last month.
  • Show the real time total traffic usage for last month.
  • Show all the traffic billing summary.
  • Notify client on 80% and 100% usage through a custom email.
  • Add billable item and invoice to client for overages.
  • Billing based on Bandwidth (95% method)
  • Ability to see the client historical data (least last 3 months).

Observium WHMCS Module


observioum module setting
Observium whmcs billing module


Created Date
03 April 2014
Last Update Date
02 January 2016
WHMCS 6.2.0

Installation Process

whmcs installation

Change Log

Version : V1.0 03 April 2014

Version : V1.1 29 December 2014

Version : V1.2 13 January 2015

Version : V1.3 21 May 2015

Version : V1.4 01 January 2016