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Module Overview

ClickBank WHMCS Gateway Module allows us to make transactions with ClickBank via API .

  • Supports one time as well as recurring payment through WHMCS ClickBank.
  • Products mapping between ClickBank products and WHMCS products.
  • Invoice gets paid into WHMCS when client pays on ClickBank.
  • Gateway Response is begin logged properly as gateway logs into WHMCS.

Your questions, our answers

The WHMCS ClickBank IPN module is a plugin or integration for the WHMCS billing and automation platform. It enables the integration of ClickBank’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN) system with WHMCS, allowing automated order processing and customer management for ClickBank products and services.

The benefits of using the WHMCS ClickBank IPN module include: 

 Automated order processing:
Orders placed through ClickBank are automatically processed and updated within WHMCS, reducing manual intervention. 

Real-time notifications:
Receive instant notifications about purchases, refunds, and cancellations, enabling you to take immediate action. 

Seamless customer experience:
Automated activation of services and delivery of welcome emails ensure a smooth onboarding process for customers. 

Streamlined management:
The module simplifies the management of ClickBank products and services within the WHMCS environment.

The key features of this module may include:

  • Real-time automatic account setup and product provisioning. 
  • Seamless integration with ClickBank’s payment system. 
  • Support for recurring billing, enabling easy subscription management.
  • Customizable automation rules based on payment status and product types.
  • Secure handling of transactions and payment data.

For support or assistance with the WHMCS ClickBank IPN module, you can reach out to WHMCS Global Services directly.

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