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Module Overview

Choose our Marnet WHMCS Registrar module which provides full functionality coverage for the .mk extension domains. After the successful payment of your module purchase, our module plays a key role in building a bridge between WHMCS and Marnet by allowing your customers to purchase .mk extension domains with ease.

Auto Provisioning of Domain

Each time when your customer complete his/her domain purchase our module with automatically register the domain over Marnet. So it will automatically reduce your manual work.

Register/Transfer/Delete domain

Allow your customer to Register/Transfer/Delete a domain with ease.

Obtain EPP code

Allow your customers to generate an EPP code in case they need to transfer their .mk domain onto a different domain registrar.

Whois Privacy

Allow your customer to hide their identity while purchasing a domain.

Your questions, our answers

The Marnet WHMCS Registrar Module is a software solution developed by WHMCS Global Services that integrates the Marnet Registrar API with the WHMCS platform. It allows you to sell and manage domain registrations, transfers, and other related services through your WHMCS system.

The Marnet WHMCS Registrar Module offers a range of features, including domain registration, transfer, renewal, and management functionalities. It provides seamless integration with WHMCS, automates domain provisioning and DNS management, supports domain synchronization, and offers configurable pricing and promotions. 

WHMCS Global Services regularly updates their modules to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WHMCS. However, it is always recommended to check the module’s compatibility requirements and version compatibility information provided by WHMCS Global Services before making a purchase or upgrade.

WHMCS Global Services offers support for their modules, including the Marnet WHMCS Registrar Module. You can reach out to their support team through the contact information provided on their website to get assistance with any issues, queries, or technical support related to the module.

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