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Module Overview

The WISECP Support PIN Server Module is designed to enhance customer support processes by implementing a secure and efficient method for verifying customer identity and account access. Consequently, support agents can now conveniently inquire about the customer’s Support PIN, streamlining the verification process while maintaining a professional approach.

Support Pin Feature List

Pin Generate
PIN Generate

To enhance the functionality of our module, we have implemented the option to enable PIN generation in the module settings. This feature allows customers to effortlessly generate their own unique Support PIN.

Pin Length
PIN Length

The system administrator has the capability to define the desired length of the PIN. This allows for greater flexibility and customization according to the specific security requirements and preferences of the organization.

Show/Hide/Copy PIN

Within the client profile, the option to display, hide, or copy the Support PIN is available. This functionality allows for the PIN to be conveniently displayed for reference, hidden from view if necessary, or copied for ease of use.

pin logs
PIN List

The administrator has access to a comprehensive list of all support PINs. This privileged view enables the administrator to review and manage support PINs effectively.

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Benefits to Admin and their Clients

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The WISECP Support PIN Server Module is a module designed to integrate the Support PIN Server service with the WISECP billing and support system. It allows you to automate the generation and management of support PINs for your clients, providing an additional layer of security for their support requests.

Support PINs are unique codes generated for clients to authenticate and verify their identity when contacting support. When a client requests support, a support PIN is generated and sent to their registered email address. The client must provide this PIN to the support team to confirm their identity before receiving assistance. 

With this module, you can automate the process of generating and managing support PINs for your clients. It allows you to enable or disable support PINs, customize the PIN generation format, set PIN expiration times, and configure email templates for PIN delivery. 

The module aims to support multiple languages, allowing you to customize the PIN generation format and email templates in the language of your choice. However, it’s recommended to review the module’s documentation or contact the WISECP support team to confirm specific language support.

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