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Module Overview

Our Librenms WHMCS module is a powerful tool designed to provide you with real-time insights into your bandwidth usage through accurate and informative graphs. With this module, you can easily integrate your WHMCS billing system with Librenms network monitoring, allowing you to monitor bandwidth usage in real time and efficiently billing.

Module Features

  • Billing on over usage based.
  • Over usage 85% , 95 % notification sent.
  • Display graph in client area.
  • Port Alerts and monitoring
  • Option to change Quota of billable item per service. New! Details:- We have given a “Quota” text field with client service in WHMCS admin area. you can change the Quota for related client service.
  • Ability to specify the billing date. New! Details:- We are providing you two modules (addon module, server module). In addon module you can manage your all Librenms users bills which have created by WHMCS users.In addon module there is a option Set Day”, you can set the bill date for related user bill.

Your questions, our answers

Yes, the LibreNMS WHMCS module can be customized to match your branding and preferences. You can modify the module templates, stylesheets, and configuration options to tailor the look and feel of the module according to your requirements.

The module itself is typically free to download, but some advanced features or support options may require a paid license. It’s recommended to check the specific licensing terms and pricing details on the official LibreNMS website or the WHMCS marketplace.

The official documentation for the module can usually be found on the LibreNMS GitHub repository or the WHMCS Marketplace page. You can also seek support through community forums, user groups, or the official LibreNMS or WHMCS support channels.

Yes, you can create and offer different monitoring plans or packages to your clients using the module. WHMCS provides flexible pricing and billing options, allowing you to set up various monitoring service tiers.

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