Virtual Merchant Converge tokenization gateway

Module Information :

Our Converge Virtual Merchant tokenization gateway module allows a merchant to support all of their recurring and one time invoice payment. With this module we do not store credit card details locally in WHMCS database. The risk of stealing sensitive data is eliminated.

Here is how it works : First time when user enters there credit card details on your website while making payment. A request is sent through secure HTTPS method and token is generated. That token is stored in WHMCS user gateway id and your  customers will not  leave your website in order to complete transactions. User will just have to enter the credit card details one time only and after that all the future payment is received through token.

Key Features :

  • Accept payment on your website.
  • Full support for recurring payments using stored tokens for cardholder data.
  • Seamlessly switch between production and sandbox servers.
  • Remove cardholder data stored in tokens on the gateway directly within the WHMCS administration panel.
  • Refund feature in WHMCS.
  • Lifetime updates and support.


Created Date
07 August 2016
Last Update Date
07 August 2016
WHMCS 6.3.1

Installation Process

whmcs installation

Change Log

Version : V1.0 07 August 2016