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Google Cloud VPS Module for WHMCS

The VPS Google Cloud Module helps to fully automate and control the Google Cloud instances directly on WHMCS. This module is best suited for users looking to automate Google cloud server and to navigate and manage the status of virtual machines end-to-end.

As an administrator, you can access the control panel features, view VM logs, add multiple Google API accounts, and modify resources including regions, images, disk type, zone, etc. through the WHMCS admin area. Additionally, the Google VPS cloud module also empowers your clients to start/stop/reboot servers, update SSH key, reset Windows server password and helps to get detailed information about the servers including the status and IP addresses. To efficiently run your business, use Google Cloud VPS Module to supervise, control and automate every single virtual machine instance.

Google Cloud Feature List



Start automatically VM provisioning when a customer purchases a new VM service from your website.

Configurable Options

Automatically creation of required product configurable options with product and provision the VM using these configurable options.

VM Management Feature

Offering rich client panel VM management features to start, stop, reset, snapshots, and change SSH Keys and windows passwords from client area.


Google VPS hosting allows your clients to restore VM using snapshot.


Statistical Graphs

With Google VPS Cloud Module, your customers can see their VM stats graphs like CPU, Disk Throughput, Disk IOPS, Network Traffic and Network PPS.

ACL Groups

ACL setting to manage client area services tab like option to permit or deny features in the client area for specific service


Google server VPS module allows to create/delete snapshots and restore VM using the snapshots.


Google server VPS Allows changing VM’s firewall settings. 

SSH Keys / Windows Password

Allows changing SSH keys for Linux VMs and windows passwords for Windows VM.

Your questions, our answers

The Google Cloud VPS for WHMCS module is a powerful integration tool that allows you to offer Google Cloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to your clients through the WHMCS billing and automation platform. It facilitates seamless provisioning and management of Google Cloud VPS services.

The module provides a range of features, including the ability to provision Google Cloud VPS instances, automate billing and invoicing, manage server configurations, monitor server performance, handle suspensions and terminations, and enable clients to manage their VPS options from within the WHMCS client area. 

To install the module, you can purchase it from WHMCS Global Services or their official website. Upon purchase, you will receive the module files along with installation instructions. Simply follow the provided instructions to upload the module files to your WHMCS installation and activate it through the WHMCS admin interface.

Absolutely! The module is specifically designed to support the reselling of Google Cloud VPS services. It enables you to offer Google Cloud VPS instances to your clients, set pricing and billing options, and automate the provisioning and management process, providing a complete solution for reselling Google Cloud VPS services.

The Google Cloud VPS for WHMCS module is a commercial module and may have a cost associated with it. For accurate pricing and licensing information, it’s recommended to check the WHMCS Global Services website or contact their sales team directly.

The module may offer customization options to varying degrees, depending on its developer and design. WHMCS is known for its flexibility and extensibility, so there may be options available to customize certain aspects of the module or integrate it with other WHMCS modules or extensions.

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