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Module Overview

NOC PS module is fully Automated Server Module. Admin can easily assign the existing server to their customer as well as user can purchase the new server from WHMCS checkout and provision it automatically without admin interaction. Within this module user can easily access their server and perform various tasks like Restart, Start, Stop or Reinstall the server. User can view the bandwidth usage in a neat graph. The most advanced feature in this module is the IP Manager. You don’t need to purchase any third party addon module for IP manager. Within the module you can setup the IP pool. At the time of provisioning, module will pick a random free IP from IP pool and assign it to the new created machine.

Server Information

It contains all the information related to Server,Hardware and CPU. You can see all the necessary information such as Mac Address, Operating System, Reverse IP, Server Status, Processor Architecture, Memory, Boot Loader, Motherboard, Network Information like assigned IPv4 & IPv6. Quick Server Information: In the client area, user can access the server info very easily. Power Control Button (Start / Stop / Restart / Netboot):  The power control button Start/Stop of services is just a click away for users. Reinstall the OS: User can reinstall the OS as per requirement. Show the Assigned extra IP’s : The client area will show the details of assigned extra IP’s.

Usage Information

It contains all the information related to bandwidth usage in the form of graph. You can select the different options available to display the graph accordingly.

Upgrade / Downgrade Machine

Clients can upgrade/downgrade the services as per requirements. Moreover user can purchase extra IP’s in future by upgrading their plan. If they wish to downgrade, just choose the number of IP’s from product configurable option and then make the payment.

Suspend / Terminate

On terminate, command server will be powered off and it will release the assigned IP’s as free from both sides (WHMCS IP pool and NOC-PS server side), module will also wipe the HDD data and mark the server as free in server list under addon module, you can give this server on rent to another user.

Your questions, our answers

The WGS NOC-PS WHMCS Module is a software module designed to integrate the NOC-PS (Network Operations Center – Provisioning System) with WHMCS, a popular web hosting management and billing platform. It allows you to automate various tasks related to provisioning, managing, and billing web hosting services.

The module offers a range of features, including automated domain registration, provisioning of hosting accounts, management of DNS records, automated service suspension and termination, real-time resource usage monitoring, and integration with WHMCS billing and support systems.

Yes, the module provides real-time resource monitoring for hosting accounts provisioned through NOC-PS. You can monitor CPU, memory, disk space, and other resources to ensure optimal performance and identify potential issues promptly.

For technical support or assistance related to the WGS NOC-PS WHMCS Module, reach out to the module provider’s support team. They will be able to assist you with any issues, questions, or customization requests.

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