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Module Overview

Choose our Neustar WHMCS Domain Registrar module which provides full functionality coverage for the .vu extension domains. After the successful payment of your module purchase, our module plays a key role in building a bridge between WHMCS and Neustar API by allowing your customers to purchase .vu extension domains with ease. We have created this module for users who wish to sell .vu domains.

Neustar Feature List


Comprehensive domain management

Module created special for AWS resellers to automate provisioning and management of domain like Registration, Transfer, Renewal, Update nameservers, Update whois contact detail, Get EPP code, Domain Sync, Transfer Sync and Deletion.


Lock/Unlock Registrar

Module will give ability to your customers to lock/unclock their domains from WHMCS clientarea to protect domain against unauthorized changes.


Register And Manage Nameservers

Module will allow your customers to register and manage their own nameservers with their domain from WHMCS clientarea.

VU Registrar Accreditation Test

Registrar is required to pass all of the tests before connect with .VU registry. Module provides a demonstrator section to admin to perform all tests and approve their account with registry before go live.

Your questions, our answers

The Neustar VU WHMCS Domain Registrar Module is a software module designed specifically for WHMCS, a popular web hosting automation platform. It integrates with Neustar VU, a domain registrar, to enable domain registration, management, and other related services directly within the WHMCS system.

The module offers various features, including domain registration, domain transfer, domain renewal, DNS management, WHOIS lookup, domain locking/unlocking, and domain contact management. It provides seamless integration with the Neustar VU registrar system, allowing WHMCS users to perform these functions efficiently within their WHMCS installation.

The compatibility of the module depends on the version specified by WHMCS Global Services. It is recommended to check the module’s documentation or contact their support team for the most up-to-date information on compatibility with the latest WHMCS version.

Yes, to use the module, you must have a separate account with Neustar VU. The module acts as a bridge between your WHMCS installation and Neustar VU’s domain registration services. You will need to obtain the necessary credentials from Neustar VU and configure them within the module’s settings.

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