We are glad to announce that we are launching WGS AWS Route 53 v1.0.2. In this module we have integrated DNS management which was much needed. Below are the details with new features that we have added and fixed some bugs in existing module also.

New Features:
1. Added DNS Management:

Integrated the DNS management API with our module. Also we added some record types like PTR, SOA, SPF, SRV, TXT.

Now question in your mind which DNS record types does Amazon Route 53 Module supports.

Currently our module supports the following DNS record types:
  • A (address record)
  • AAAA (IPv6 address record)
  • CNAME (canonical name record)
  • MX (mail exchange record)
  • NAPTR (name authority pointer record)
  • NS (name server record)
  • PTR (pointer record)
  • SOA (start of authority record)
  • SPF (sender policy framework)
  • SRV (service locator)
  • TXT (text record)
2. Glue IP Feature added

Admin can Enable/ Disable this feature while configuring the module.

    • 3. Our module is compatible with WHMCS v7.1.1
    • 4. Compatible with PHP7.
    • 5. By default, WHMCS shows priority only for MX record and for rest (like A(Address), CNAME (Alias) etc) shows “N/A”. So when update the DNS record WHMCS does not allows to modify the DNS priority. In order to enable DNS priority, we have to modify the template file.
    • 6. Made it Compatible with G-20 countries like Australia, Canada, Germany etc.
Bug fixes in our current module :
      • 1. Make our Module updated with Latest AWS SDK.
      • 2. Fixed State, Zip Code issue for different countries. Initially error was generated because AWS uses different Format for State Code & Zip code according to countries but our module picked default values.
      • 3. Now, it works according to Required State & Zip Code.

Last updated: 21-June-2017