Cloudflare WHMCS Module V5.0.5 the Updated Version Out Now!

WHMCS Global Services has introduced a new update for its popular Cloudflare WHMCS module. With the fresh update, the module allows Web Hosting providers to easily add existing Cloudflare domains in the WHMCS and manage it from the client area. The 5.0.4  version of Cloudflare WHMCS is being replaced by Version 5.0.5 along with some new features.

Cloudflare WHMCS module is an all-embracing solution for web hosting providers to help them succeed in the dynamically changing, highly competitive web hosting industry. 

The team of WGS adapted to the market change quickly and diversified customers’ requirements to offer a perfect and on-spot solution as a Cloudflare WHMCS Module. Using this module, web hosting providers can easily resell Cloudflare services in no time. There is a bundle of benefits which you can avail from Cloudflare services such as it allows your customers to get all the cloud flare services from one platform, scalability increases, there are numerous security features, and so on. 

Furthermore, after the valuable feedback from the customers, our team resolved some of the issues including display error(6003) in the Product Setting page in the case of hosting partner account, displaying domain list in the client area and errors/success messages while adding or removing the domain on the client area.

Other features of the Cloudflare WHMCS module empowering web hosting providers include:

Clients can buy Cloudflare services from your WHMCS website

With the newly updated Cloudflare module, your customers can purchase it easily through your WHMCS client area. As per their requirements, they can buy Cloudflare free, pro, business plan.

Clients can easily upgrade their Cloudflare plan

What if your client starts with the free plan but eventually wants to upgrade it to the pro plan? Don’t worry, with the updated module the up-gradation has become the easiest thing to do. This new module act as a link between Cloudflare and WHMCS. 

Clients can manage scrape shield setting and cache

Using this module, your clients can easily manage the scrap shield setting (Email Address Obfuscation, Server-Side Excludes, Hotlink Protection) and caching settings from your WHMCS client area.

Clients can manage website speed

Cloudflare module is known to be the best module to increase the speed of the website. Other things that your client can manage from the client’s area are Auto minify, Mobile redirect, IP Geolocation, Max upload size, and Rocket Loader.

Clients can manage firewall settings

Your clients can manage the security level, browser check, challenge time, and so on without logging in Cloudflare website. All this can be managed through the WHMCS client area. 

Clients can quickly view analytical data

Cloudflare WHMCS modules allow your clients to view all the traffic on the website, bandwidth, and other statistics that too just through the WHMCS client area.

Clients can manage DNS records

Your users are able to easily manage the DNS with a user-friendly interface. Without having any advanced technical knowledge, they can add, edit or update DNS records at any time. The DNSSEC section can also be enabled or disabled by your users and they can view DNS records.
The latest version of Cloudflare WHMCS module is definitely a game-changer when it comes to accelerating the web hosting business in such a highly competitive environment. 

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