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What is SPanel? Complete Detailed Guide 2024!

cPanel is the industry leader for more than two decades having the potential…
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Why cPanel Price Hike? How to Deal with It?

cPanel is a widely used Linux-based control panel for easy website and server…
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6 Steps to Install cPanel & WHM on CentOS 7 Server

Efficiently managing a server can be tedious, but with appropriate tools, it becomes…
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How to fix if “cPanel user does not exist” in the database map error?

cPanel user does not exist: What This Error Means? From what we see…
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Step-by-Step Guide for migrating cPanel to DirectAdmin

Due to the recent new pricing scheme for cPanel, customers' businesses have been…
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Best cPanel Alternatives in 2024

In the world of web hosting control panels, cPanel has long been popular…
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How to Install DirectAdmin on CentOS 7?

DirectAdmin is a highly regarded web hosting platform that simplifies the management of…
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Everything You Need to Know About the Latest cPanel Pricing Upgrade

The recent news of cPanel has crippled the world of web hosting providers.…
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