Everything You Need to Know About the Latest cPanel Pricing Upgrade

The recent news of cPanel has crippled the world of web hosting providers. Due to the introduction of the new pricing scheme of cPanel, their customers’ businesses have been devastated impacted. So, the condition of the web hosting providers has been really freaking out at the moment. This announcement can cause many web hosts to lose their customers rapidly.

cPanel has totally changed its licensing structure and the way they price their products. They have announced their statement on 28th June 2019 that the entire licenses purchased or renewed from the day will now use their new pricing and licensing structure.

The users having monthly licenses will be under the same old structure only until the 1st of September, 2019 and it’s the time when they will be automatically converted to the account-based package which is most appropriate for the particular server.

In general, they are converting all of their customer’s monthly billing directly. When the yearly licenses come up for renewal, they will perform a one-time conversion to the account-based package i.e. either Admin, Pro, or Premier.

Talking about cPanel history and their new pricing:

If we talk about the history of cPanel, it has shown its services as well as pricing around a VPS or a Dedicated License with unlimited cPanel accounts because earlier the servers were not as powerful as today they are. We have also witnessed consistency in the innovation in the hardware sector as well as software optimization.

Likewise, with the growth of technology, cPanel has upgraded itself in many more ways. They have added more development, resources, as well as structure and also increases many development projects. They have adjusted these prices so that they can further innovatively invest in the product development, growth of the customer ecosystem and remain the leader in hosting automation.

Their main focus is to ease the common upgrade path from the shared customer to the private cloud customer. Its new structure has the ability to deploy lower-density customer instances without even purchasing a large multi-account license. It depicts the price of every license based on the number of accounts hosted on the server.

They have now basically transitioned all the customers to monthly billing. In fact, the cPanel Solo licenses will only be available for purchase through cPanel partners and no longer be available for purchase through the cPanel store.

Comparing Previous and New Plans

Earlier, the pricing was as follows:

  • $15 monthly for cPanel Solo
  • $20 monthly for cPanel and WHM VPS and $200 yearly.
  • $45 monthly for cPanel and WHM dedicated and $425 yearly.

This latest Cpanel pricing has now made a huge impact on the web hosting providers’ communities. These tiers have now been renamed to Admin, Pro, and Premium with $20/Mo, $30/Mo, and $45 /Mo respectively, and what has actually exasperated customers is the account limit enforced upon it. If we talk about the premium account tier, it is limited to up to 100 accounts. The additional account will cost you extra which is around $0. 20 per account.

Cloud Licenses: It is available for VPS and Cloud instances. This sits well to use in a supported virtual environment and is ideal for growing businesses.

Metal Licenses: It is available for dedicated servers. It has the ultimate amount of control and resources.

How does this Impact Web Hosting Providers?

Our digital marketing team has analyzed the market closely after the impact and found a lot of memes and stats that will somehow clear the current picture of web hosting providers.

Google Trends Stats Showing the Sudden Growth of the DirectAdmin keyword across the world.

Google Trends Stats Showing a Sudden Growth on the Keyword Cpanel Alternatives.

There are some web hosting providers who clearly show their disappointment towards this huge change:




This is how it impacts badly on the web hosting companies and upset them to the point that the cPanel craze might get crushed under the car for the hosting companies.

Now, it’s time to know about the possible cPanel Alternative.

  1. DirectAdmin
  2. Plesk
  3. Froxlor
  4. ZPanel
  5. Webmin
  6. VestaCP
  7. InterWorx

Therefore, the changes are actually very adverse to the industry as a whole. cPanel has the capability to re-consider these changes. So, let’s have an eye on their next step. You can have your opinions in the comment section below.

Stay tuned with us for further information regarding the cPanel Price Upgrades.

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