How to fix if “cPanel user does not exist” in the database map error?

How to fix if “cPanel user does not exist” in the database map error?

From what we see, it appears that most, if not all of the cPanel users aren’t properly mapped to the database. 

To understand the occurrence of this situation, we would like to put forward some of the questions.

  • > Were there any recent changes to this server before this error started occurring? 
  • > Were the domains migrated, or was there any specific work done that happened right before these errors started happening? 

Gathering this information will help us understand exactly when this error started occurring and will allow us to better search the logs for an issue as well.

In the meantime, the “rebuild_dbmap” tool can be used to map individual cPanel users back to each database. 

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Check out the following to solve this error:

You will be able to resolve the database mapping issue by the script mentioned below:

  • > /scripts/rebuild_dbmap $username
  • > For example, I have gone ahead and fixed abdelazizalrihaw
  • > [16:20:18 reseller root@13681241 ~]cPs# /scripts/rebuild_dbmap abdelazizalrihaw
  • > Reading access rights for the cPanel user “abdelazizalrihaw” from live data:
  • > MariaDB/MySQL … PostgreSQL … PostgreSQL is disabled, skipping …
  • > Done.
  • > Saving: MariaDB/MySQL … Done!
  • > Rebuild complete.

Now, you can try this on your end and let us know if you are able to execute the command on your end as root.

Looking forward to hear back from you.