Happy Halloween! Discount On All WHMCS Modules & Themes!

The spookiest occasion is just around the corner! Halloween is a festival to enjoy scary monsters, haunted houses and sweet deals. This is the time when almost all businesses offer huge discounts, freebies, and deals for their customers to grab and save money.

This Halloween, WHMCS Global Services is offering WHMCS modules at the best price for web hosting providers. You can check out our WHMCS modules on the Marketplace and “No PROMO CODE” is required to avail the offer. The mentioned prices on the Marketplace are the final Halloween Prices. 

So, to make Halloween more spooky for our potential customers, we are here with our WHMCS modules at competitive prices-

  1. Vmware WHMCS Module v 3.0.9
  2. HostX WHMCS Theme v 2.1.1
  3. ClientX WHMCS Theme v 2.3.1
  4. Blockchain Payment Gateway Module v 1.0.6
  5. OVH WHMCS Module – v 6.0.2
  6. Account statement WHMCS module – v 3.0.5
  7. One Step Checkout Order Form Template – V 1.0.9
  8. Linode WHMCS Module – V 2.0.2
  9. Cloudflare WHMCS Module – V 5.0.4
  10. Nextcloud WHMCS Module – V 2.0.1
Double Bonanza

You must be aware that the latest version WHMCS 8.0 has been launched. This time also, the new WHMCS kit of implements created a buzz among the community. In the latest version, WHMCS added many interesting features for business owners and software developers. After the launch of the new WHMCS version, we also updated our WHMCS modules to make it compatible with the latest version. So, you will get a double benefit – all our modules are updated, highly compatible with WHMCS 8.0 and available at the best price. 

Why Choose Our WHMCS Modules?

WHMCS Global Services offers numerous WHMCS modules and themes for web hosting service providers. We use innovative and technical expertise for developing WHMCS modules and provide customized solutions to help web hosting businesses to achieve their business goals.

You can contact our support team anytime that can help you to manage your portal efficiently. Furthermore, if you are looking for any development solutions or customization services in existing WHMCS modules, then you can hire our dedicated tech staff.

Do you have any query related to our WHMCS modules? Feel free to contact our Support Team anytime.

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