Is Your Web Hosting Business Website Ready for Festive Season?

Festival season is around the corner. The time is here when people love to shop for what they want. But amid this pandemic, digitalization has replaced conventional shopping. So, the online platform has become the ‘new normal. And being a web hosting provider, you have to be aware of the needs of your customer. This is the time when you can take your business to new heights.

Ask yourself a question: Is your web hosting website festival-ready? And if the answer is NO, then you should do something right now.

Let’s have a look at what you can do to make your customer’s day and boost up your sales.

1) Be ready with the marketing material

Make your marketing material ready for your website. And if you are wondering what you can do then here are some more points for you

(i) Offer Coupons  — Discount coupons always attract customers and especially during festival season when everyone wants to find the best deal in the competitive marketplace. Be prepared for offering coupons as this will lead to attracting more customers.

(ii) Invest in online advertising — Festival season has the charm to do wonders. Don’t miss such an opportunity. Advertisements will make people aware of your products, and that will lead to attracting more traffic. Keep in mind that your advertisement should be in accordance with the festival.

(iii) Reach Customers — Be sure that your customers are aware of the deals you are offering. Making a strategy, whether through emails or social media platforms, and its execution is going to be a real game-changer. Don’t let any of the customers or visitors miss out on the deals.

(iv) Answer every query — Your customers can come up with any query related to your web hosting plans or deals you are offering. Be ready to help your customers out as soon as any query rises.

And, you can engagingly present all the above things by adapting the themes as per the festival, which will be around the corner.

For instance, if it is time for Halloween, then you can use a WHMCS Theme that includes creepy and dark things. And if it’s Christmas time, then you can plan your strategy by offering some surprising deals and gifts to your customers.

So, if you are creative, then this festival season will take your website to new heights. Just make a marketing plan and execute it with good planning.

2) Make your website ready to handle huge traffic

It is the specialty of the festival season that your customer’s website will have to entertain a lot of traffic due to an increase in sales and for that reason, you have to prepare your servers to handle all that traffic.

So, making your server handle load should be your priority. You have to ensure that your web hosting plan is rigid enough to deal with the traffic. If required, then this is the right time to invest in quality hardware.

Your website should be ready because it is the best of the times to win the hearts of your customers and to convert your potential customers into permanent ones. The best quality services will help you to ace it. So, be ready to taste the fruit of success if you can handle this situation. Don’t let your customers down at this point. It can cost you a fortune if any mistake happens.

3) Make yourself available for 24×7 customer support

To be your customer’s favorite hosting provider you have to be available 24×7 during the festival season. As there are more chances that your customers will face problems and they will come to you only for the solution.

You can’t afford to neglect this point in this season. The speed and availability of your presence are directly proportionate to your customer satisfaction and your profit. So buckle up your shoes and be ready to serve the best customer service and gratify them.

4) Data backup

Tomorrow is unpredictable. Therefore, it is always better to prepare for unforeseen events. One among them in web hosting is a sudden crash. You can’t afford a website crash during the festival season no matter what.

What is the best thing you can do then? Let’s have a look at some of the effective ways that you can consider –

  1. Introduce cost-effective data backup plans during festival seasons.
  2. Run campaigns to outspread the importance of data backups during the festival season.
  3. If possible, offer free data backup with hosting plans.

These backup data ideas will genuinely help for any situation like a sudden crash of the website.

5) Powerful website builders

Be ready to entertain some new customers in the festival season. There are chances when people think to start their website near the festival season to generate profit from the very start. So on your part, you have to be prepared to offer powerful website building services.

Check out the list of the top website builders in 2023.

6) Try providing Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is in trend these days. When you allow your customers to just pay for the services they use, it always attracts your customers to take your service. Especially during the festival season, customers may have an increase in the number of visitors to their websites. So, rather than shifting to a bigger hosting plan, cloud hosting allows customers to use as many resources as required and just pay for the same.

Checkout out the best cloud hosting providers in 2023 to choose from.

7) Make your website bug free

If your website is bug-free, then your customers and their customers will have a smooth flow. A bug-free website will lead to ordering and making payments without any issue. Customers would be able to trust your website more if it is bug-free and secure.

So the best way to check whether your site is bug-free or not, test your website daily during the festival season. And ensure that there is no issue. As in the festival season, you can’t afford to lose a sale. Test all the payment gateways to be sure about the smooth running of the website. This will help you to never lose the sale due to any technical issue.

8) Make security extra tight

Festival season offers opportunities to all, no matter whether its entrepreneurs or hackers. So pay some extra amount to make your website security services more efficient.

Protecting your server should be your priority because in festival season cybercrime reaches a new height. So it is advisable to prevent your website from any of the malicious attacks.

Trust me, this is one of the major gifts that you can present to your customers. It’s time to hack the tears, the stress of your customers by providing them with the supreme quality of security services.

9) Offer fast hosting plans

Do you offer eCommerce-ready web hosting services? If your answer is NO, then it’s the right time to offer the best and fastest solutions for your eCommerce hosting needs.

As you know, eCommerce sales are on a boom during festivals, so it’s better to invest in eCommerce hosting plans. And you can avail many more benefits by investing in eCommerce hosting plans. In the eCommerce hosting solution, offer superior quality services, features, and advanced tools that make the transaction process easy for your customers.

10) Offer fast hosting plans upgrade

This festival season, chances are very much high that your customers will have an increase in the visitors to their website. Suppose your customer is using shared hosting right now, and due to higher traffic on their website, the customer wants to upgrade the plan from shared hosting to VPS hosting. In this case, you should be ready to offer an easy and fast hosting plan up-gradation.

So, this festival season, make your website ready to reach new heights.

Are you excited to make this whole season turn into bliss? Then why are you still waiting? Go and be prepared with all the stuff as the countdown is about to begin. In case you are planning to hire WHMCS developers for some custom development tasks, feel free to reach us.

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