Cracking the Code: A Deep Dive into the 2023 Black Friday 40% Off on WHMCS Products

As the holiday season approaches, the excitement is building up, and so are the savings! This Black Friday, we are thrilled to announce a Black Friday Deals of 40% Off Flash Sale on premium WHMCS modules and themes that will boost your web hosting experience to new heights. Whether you are a seasoned web hosting professional or just starting, now is the perfect time to invest in cutting-edge WHMCS solutions.

40% Discount on All WHMCS Products

Use Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY40

Validity: 16th Nov – 30th Nov 2023

Spectacular Savings on WHMCS Themes

Discover a world of functionality and design without a diverse range of WHMCS themes. From sleek and modern layouts to personalized options that suit your brand, our Black Friday deals provides the ideal time to refresh your website’s look. Enjoy substantial discounts on themes that not only enhance aesthetics but also improve user experience.

Our Black Friday Deals of 2023 on the Best WHMCS Themes

1. HostX

Price : $144.00  $86.40/one time only

hostx theme

HostX, our flagship theme, is developed to make a lasting impression. With its sleek and modern layout, customizable color schemes, and intuitive navigation, Hostx WHMCS Theme ensures that your brand stands out in the competitive hosting landscape.

2. CloudX

Price : $144.00  $86.40/one time only


As cloud hosting becomes increasingly prominent, stay at the forefront with CloudX. This black Friday, explore cutting-edge features that cater specifically to cloud-based services. Whether you are offering scalable resources or advanced cloud Solutions, the CloudX WHMCS theme aligns with the future of hosting. Don’t Miss the chance to incorporate the latest in cloud hosting technology at a fraction of the cost.

3. TwentyX

Price : $29.95  $17.97/one time only

Black Friday Deals on TwentyX WHMCS theme

For a theme that balances simplicity with sophistication, the TwentyX WHMCS theme is a perfect choice. Its clean and minimalistic design doesn’t compromise on functionality. Enjoy a hosting experience with this versatile WHMCS theme, suitable for a wide range of hosting businesses.

4. AdminX

Price : $29.95  $17.97/one time only

Black Friday Deals on adminx theme

Behind every successful hosting business is a powerful admin panel, and AdminX is developed to be the command centre you need. Take advantage of Black Friday offers of 2023 to enhance your admin experience with an intuitive design and responsiveness. Manage orders, clients, and support tickets effortlessly, empowering you to streamline operations and focus on what matters most growing your business.

5. ClientX

Price : $99.00  $59.40/one time only

Black Friday Deals on clientx theme

Impress your clients from the moment they land on your website with ClientX. This client-focused WHMCS theme combines aesthetics with functionality, providing an exceptional user experience. Showcase your hosting plans, facilitate easy navigation and instill confidence in your clients with the professional and polished look of clients.

Power up with Discounted WHMCS Modules

Take your WHMCS functionality to the next level with our premium modules. This Black Friday, access exclusive discounts on modules developed to streamline your business operations, enhance security, and provide a seamless customer experience. Whether you need billing solutions, ticketing systems or client management tools, our modules have you covered.

Black Friday Deals on Our Top WHMCS Modules

Black Friday Deals on Top WHMCS Modules

.qa (قطر.) WHMCS Domain Registrar Module

Price : $299.00  $179.40

Upraise your domain registration capabilities with the .qa a (قطر.) WHMCS domain registrar module. Seamlessly integrate this module to offer your clients domain registration services specific to Qatar. Provide a hassle-free experience with automated domain management and renewal functionalities, ensuring your client’s online presence is always secured and up to date.

Cloudflare WHMCS Module

Price : $229.00  $137.40

Enhance the security and performance of your web hosting services with the Cloudflare WHMCS Module. Integrate Cloudflare’s powerful lightning-fast website loading times, enhance security features, and DDoS protection, setting your hosting services apart in terms of reliability and speed.

VMware WHMCS Module

Price : $249.00 $149.40

Unlock a new level of efficiency and virtualization with the VMware WHMCS module. Seamlessly manage virtual machines and resources directly from your WHMCS dashboard. This module empowers you to provide scalable and flexible virtualization solutions to your clients, ensuring they have the resources they need when they require them.

OVH SOyouStart and Kimsufi

Price : $149.00 $89.40

Integrate the OVH, SOYoustart and Kimsufi WHMCS modules to tap into the robust services and infrastructure provided by OVH. Offer your clients a range of hosting solutions with ease from dedicated servers to budget-friendly options. Streamline the ordering and management process, giving your client access to OVH’s renowned performance and reliability.

.in Registry Domain Registrar WHMCS Module

Price : $229.00  $137.40

Expand your domain registration services with the .in Registry Domain Registrar WHMCS module. Cater to clients targeting the Indian market by offering seamless registration, management, and renewal of .in domain names. This module makes sure that you can effortlessly provide domain services TLD, enhancing your service offerings.

Account Statement Module

Price : $39.00 $23.40

Enhance financial transparency and client communication with Account Statement Module. Provide your clients with detailed statements outlining their transactions, invoices, and payments. This module not only promotes trust but also simplifies the reconciliation process, offering your clients a clear overview of their financial interactions with your hosting services.


Price : $79.90 $47.94

Stay compliant and streamline your billing process with the WHMCS GST Module. Easily manage Goods and Services Tax (GST) calculations and invoicing directly from your WHMCS dashboard. This module makes sure that your hosting business adheres to tax regulations, simplifying financial processes and providing accurate tax information to both you and your clients.

WhatsApp Notification Module

Price : $99.99 $59.99

Embrace modern communication channels with the WhatsApp Notification Module. Keep your clients informed in real-time by sending important updates, invoices, and notifications directly to their WhatsApp accounts. This module adds a personal touch to your client communication strategy, ensuring that important information is promptly delivered and easily accessible.

Guest Invoice WHMCS Module

Price : $69.00 $41.40

Simplifying the invoicing process for one-time clients with Guest invoice WHMCS Module. Keep your clients informed in real-time by sending important dates, invoices and notifications directly to their WhatsApp accounts. This module adds a personal touch to your client communication strategy, ensuring that important information is promptly delivered and easily accessible.

WHMCS Linode Manager

Price : $120.00 $72.00

Integrate Linode’s powerful infrastructure seamlessly into your WHMCS platform with the WHMCS Linode Manager. Offer your clients reliable and scalable cloud hosting solutions through Linode’s infrastructure. This module facilitates effortless management of Linode services, allowing you to provide cutting-edge cloud solutions to meet your clients’ diverse hosting needs.

Reset Client Password WHMCS module

Price : $29.00 $17.40

Simplify and secure client account management with the Reset Client Password WHMCS Module. Allow clients to reset their passwords easily through the WHMCS client area, enhancing user experiences and reducing support requests. This module makes a straightforward and secure process for clients to regain access to their clients.


Gear up for a transformative Black Friday as you unlock unparalleled savings on WHMCS themes and modules. With customer-centric support, future-proofing capabilities, and the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition, our black friday deals are designed to propel your web hosting business to new heights. Seize the moment, invest wisely, and make this Black Friday a game-changer for your hosting endeavors. Grab 40% off now!

40% Discount on All WHMCS Products

Use Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY40

Validity – 16th Nov – 30th Nov 2023

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