WHMCS 8.0 – What You Can Expect?

Waiting for WHMCS 8.0?

Well, your wait is going to be over soon!

The WHMCS team is preparing to launch Version 8.0, the next Major version of WHMCS soon. What are you expecting? Significant behind the scenes changes? Fresh look for the WHMCS admin area? Improved support?

Curious to know? Let’s check out what WHMCS Founder and CEO, Matt Pugh is planning to deliver in Version 8.0:

Shared Users for Client Login

This feature is a significant update in WHMCS user authentication model allowing multiple users to share a single account (which has access to multiple client accounts). They can access the same account using a single credential set.

New Look and Feel of WHMCS Admin Area

No more boring and outdated user interface design of the WHMCS admin area. Get ready to enjoy the new look and feel with improved desktop, mobile and tablet devices experience. You can expect a better responsive and touch-friendly experience on touch-screen devices, plus lightweight and modern experience on desktops.

Improved Email Deliver-Ability

WHMCS 8.0 is going to support email sending providers such as SendGrid, MailGun, and SparkPost. This will improve email reliability and delivery-ability which will ultimately help you drive user engagement with your company and boost up your business revenue.

IDN Support

In WHMCS 8.0, functionality added to improve IDN support which enables and simplifies IDN sales. Furthermore, there will be full native support for internationalized domain names registration with Enom and ResellerClub.

Better Support for Currencies and Increased Limits

WHMCS 8.0 is coming with increased limits for the product size, improved support for currencies, and better support for up to 3 decimal places for tax rates.

Want to know more? Stay Tuned!

Strategy Behind Shared Feature

Authentication and user management is an imperative part of any massive system. Adding a shared feature is a massive undertaking that allows one user (single login) to manage multiple client accounts. Ultimately, this will provide a seamless and stronger solution for the modern-day web host service providers.

Minimum Requirement for WHMCS 8.0

There will be a new minimum requirement for Version 8.0. It will require a minimum PHP 7.2.
New releases and updates of PHP versions are faster and more frequent than ever. So, it is difficult to maintain backward compatibility with older versions for so long. Therefore, finally, WHMCS has decided to raise the minimum requirements to get benefit from recent developments and modifications to PHP and the libraries they utilize.

Do you have PHP 7.2 or 7.3? These two versions are common, and if you have any of these two, you are ready for WHMCS 8.0.

Reasons behind big release like 8.0

Numerous different factors have taken into account to release Version 8.0 including:

  1. Modification in the upstream PHP
  2. Adoption rates of PHP versions among the user base
  3. To improve the performance
  4. Requests received from users

The WHMCS team is always more concerned about their users. So, they ensure that any big upgrades don’t cause any disruption and incompatibilities.

Final Word

User authentication changes will make the product more flexible to use for both customers and businesses. With new PHP versions, the performance gain is also expected in WHMCS 8.0. This version will help businesses to lead the industry in the coming months.

Ready to experience all the above-mentioned features? You won’t have to wait too long. WHMCS 8.0 is coming soon!

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