WHMCS iRedMail – Open Source Mail Server Solution

iRedMail has been the proven solution for all the complex & complicated configuration which is also known as the open-source full-featured mail server solution.

iRedMail is the easiest and reliable mail server with all of the line-up features. iRedMail is easy to install, easy to use & it also supports latest mail technologies & also supports all the major LINUX distributions.

WHMCS Global Services is coming up with the new & updated version of WHMCS iRedMail v1.0.0 which will benefit you with the better mail server solutions & which will work for both the alignments i.e. for iRead Mail paid & iRedMail free.

Client Area Features:


  • The User can add new email addresses.


  • User can change password of account.


  • User can add forward email address of web mail account.


  • User can enable/disable web mail account.


  • User can delete unnecessary web mail account.


Admin Area Feature:


  • Create Account


  • Suspend Account


  • Unsuspended Account


  • Terminate Account

There are multiple of lined-up advantages for WHMCS iRedMail v1.0.0 which will surely give you the better mail server solutions such as:

  • Security Alignment – You have all your personal data on your own hard disk & you can control the email security, inspect transaction log. No other organization will be able to see the content of all the messages.


  • Unlimited Accounts – Forget about the products which pricing based on number of mailboxes, you can create as many mail accounts (domains, users, mailing lists, admins) as you want.


  • Secure by Default – End users are forced to use mail services through secure connections.


  • Open Source – All components used in iRedMail are open source software’s & you get the bug fixes and updates from the Linux/BSD vendors you trust.

iRedMail is the right way to build your mail server with open source software’s.

We are launching our three subscription plans:


  • Monthly – $7.90 per month.


  • Annually- $79.90 per year.


  • Open Source -$399.90 Onetime payment.

WHMCS Global Services is offering his clients with the innovative personalized plans along with the practical prising. And, all the three subscription plans i.e. monthly, annually & open-source offers the several benefits along with their featured pricing benefit. .

So, if you want more information about WHMCS iRedMail updated version v1.0.0 then, visits our website https://whmcsglobalservices.com/iredmail-for-whmcs.