HostX 2.2.0 New Version Launched

HostX 2.2.0 New Version Launched

WHMCS global services have recently launched a new version of the HostX WHMCS theme. With recent updates, web hosting providers can easily manage to host tasks, manage their website’s SEO, can add or remove pages, and many more.
Our development team has been working eagerly to bring new changes to the theme

Well, the HostX theme has won the hearts of many as it does not require a technical person to use the theme. 

HostX template is appropriate for all web hosting businesses. Our template appears to depict an excellent appearance, which makes all the tasks of a hosting business straightforward. It’ll conjointly give you the dashboard and connected functionalities in your WHMCS backend admin

WHMCS users or web hosting business owners, we’ve engineered this wonderful HostX version for you. 

After the success of our previous versions, we are continuing to improve and we have introduced a  new HostX theme for our clients for betterment. The new HostX theme has new features that are more beneficial for our clients. 

Check out our new HostX theme features.

If you are our existing customer, we recommend you upgrade the version for better use.

  1. SEO Manager: Since we all know SEO is vital for every website and we noticed that SEO management is tough so we have added an SEO manager so that all SEO operations can be managed through an add-on module. Like: Webmaster Settings, Social Media Sharing, SEO Tags, etc.
    – Google Analytics Code:  With this added feature, you can check the depth of detail about the visitors visiting your website.
    – Canonical Tag: With this tag, you can tell search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of your page and get rid of issues related to duplicate content or multiple URLs
    – Google Search Console: Google search console is a free service that is offered by Google. We have updated this in the theme so that you fix indexing and update some new content.
    – SEO Tags: Now HostX theme is fully SEO friendly. It now comes with an inbuilt SEO manager tool that allows WHMCS admin to add meta tags, OG tags, etc.
    – Social Media Sharing: Easily link your social media channels on your WHMCS website using the HostX WHMCS theme. You can also enable the social sharing of the pages by social sharing tools. 
  1. New Homepage: The homepage is the first page everyone lands on, so to create an awesome impression we have updated our homepage with multiple services that you can enjoy. Check out the features we have installed on the homepage.
    Colour Change: Now you can change the color scheme from the add-on module. You no longer need to keep multiple templates according to colors.
    – A Tour Guide:  If you are new to the module, you can enable its tour guide which will help you to be familiar with the module and its functionalities.
    – Custom Link Logo: With WHMCS HostX’s new theme you are free to add a custom link or website link in the logo and can open it in the new tab.
    – Scroll to Top: A quick click will take you to the top from the bottom as scroll to a top feature added.
    – Cart Item Label: Now no more keeping a count of your items in the cart. We have added a count label that will tell how many items are there in the cart.
    – Third Section: HostX theme has added the Third section to manage your categories, their type (Main Menu/Sub Menu/Child Menu), URL, Parent Menu, and other required details.
    – New Banner Blocks: Introduced three new features of banner blocks in the newest theme of HostX
  1. Testimonial Manager: before changing anything on the page, you first review it. This makes changes easier. For that HostX theme has added a testimonial manager for a better experience. You can check or edit your testimonials list and choose the layout to display testimonials in the client area.
    – Multiple templates: New HostX theme has multiple template options allowing you to have choices between different sets of templates.
  1. Live chat: Live chat on a website is more convenient and less stressful than talking to a stranger and explaining the issues and it’s available 24/7.
    The new HostX theme has now an option for Live chat and you can add Live Chat Id, Tawk Id, Zopim Id, and any Custom Id of your choice and you will get a readymade script to add your custom ID.
    – Default & custom: You can now customize your live chat in the updated version of HostX.
  1. RTL Supported: Writing that starts from the right of the page and continues to the left, proceeding from top to bottom for new lines. Our updated version of HostX is RTL supported for users who read from right to left.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade the theme and enjoy the full potential of the HostX theme’s new features. Without a doubt, it will make all your tasks easier. In case you find any troubles while updating the theme, you can always contact our web hosting tech support who are available to help you with any troubles.

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