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How to install a WHMCS theme or a template?

WHMCS, being an incredible solution for the resellers, is an all-in-one client management with billing and support solutions for hosting businesses. But the key part that it misses is the front end theme, the default WHMCS themes are quite simple and do not match the latest UI trends. So most of the users look out for aftermarket themes to redesign their WHMCS interface.

It has been found that almost 99% of users switch to an aftermarket WHMCS theme to serve their purpose. Most of them face issues while installation, in the case of nontechies it is hard to install a theme. So here is the detailed procedure to install a WHMCS theme with no issues.

Talking about WHMCS themes, you will find them in a compressed file format.

Most of the themes follow this type of file structure:

WHMCS Directory
 -- Modules
    ---- Addons
 -- Templates
    ---- Theme File Folder
    ---- Orderforms
 -- Lang 

Step 1: The foremost step is to extract the archive to the location where you want to place it on your computer. Once you extract the whole theme, you will find additional folders that depend upon the theme you want to have. You need to look for the folders Addons, Templates and Lang.

Step 2: Now, you need to connect to your WHMCS installation through FTP. To follow this, you have to go to the root location for your WHMCS installation and it is the topmost directories that have its subdirectories such as /admin, /includes and others. Now, look for a subdirectory named /modules/addons and navigate it. This directory will include all the addon modules, in case your theme comes with an Addon, you need to overwrite the Addons Folder with the theme Addons Folder.

Step 3: Now you need to overwrite the templates directory with your theme templates folder, it will automatically place new theme files and orderforms in your whmcs installation.

Step 4: Now we need to add Lang variables if your theme offers it. Most of the theme development companies give lang variables in a separate overrides folder, so you need to check whether there is an override folder under the Lang folder of your WHMCS installation. In case if there is no overrides folder, you can place the theme overrides folder in whmcs installation.

In case an overrides folder exists with language files, you need to manually add the Lang variables to your specific lang files.

Step 5: Login your WHMCS Admin and Navigate to Setup > Addon Modules

Step 6: Configure the addon with the keys you get with the theme.

Step 7: Now go to Setup > General Settings > Template

Your theme is installed successfully!

How to install the themes with this type of file structure?

 --- Templates/theme

Some themes come with only TPL files to add, they do not have separate orderforms etc..

Step 1: Extract the theme folder.
Step 2: Login WHMCS Dir via FTP
Step 3: Go to WHMCS Dir > Templates/ and overrides the templates folder with the theme templates folder.
Step 4: Login WHMCS admin and Now go to Setup > General Settings > Template

You will see the new theme folder created in the drop-down, select the new folder name and save changes.

Your theme is installed successfully!

This is what all you have to do for installing the WHMCS theme.