WHMCS Modules To Speed Up Your Web Hosting Business in 2023

Summary: In this article, we are going to disclose top WHMCS Modules that will fasten the speed of your Web Hosting site.

WHMCS Modules To Speed Up Your Web Hosting Business

If this pandemic has taught us one thing, it is – nothing is permanent. With all the businesses that have shut down in the last year, it is reasonable of you to expect that most of the businesses were hit negatively. 

Well, surprise surprise!

Web Hosting is one such business that witnessed growth despite COVID-19. The most logical explanation for this growth is that an increasing number of businesses moved online. In fact, a lot of them moved all their business operations to their website.

At WHMCS Global Services, we offer WHMCS addon modules to make your web hosting business faster and more efficient. 

What is Web Hosting?

It is an online service wherein the web hosting providers host their customer’s websites on their servers. The website stored on servers utilizes the server’s resources and gets displayed on the internet. In short, web hosting services make your website accessible on the internet.

There are many tools, software, and solutions that make the life of web hosting providers easy. One such outstanding tool is WHMCS. 

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What is WHMCS?

WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution. 

It is a one-stop shop for automated client management including, billing, account management, customer support, etc. As WHMCS helps to automate business functions, it increases business efficiency and accuracy.

WHMCS Modules To Speed Up Your Web Hosting Business

WHMCS addon modules offer additional capabilities to communicate with APIs and third parties. Good quality WHMCS modules can make your business operations smooth and seamless. 

WHMCS Global Services offers these modules to improve the speed of your web hosting business operations:

1. VMware WHMCS Module

VMware creates a virtual machine on your computer, acting as virtual servers, that help in the efficient utilization of resources. It also helps businesses to scale and create extra resources by saving money.

The VMware WHMCS module accelerates the work of the business by reducing the majority (almost 90%!!) of the workload of your IT team. This module eliminates the work of creating VM (Virtual Machine) or installation of any OS manually. Well, gone are the days when you had to create VM manually.

This is how you can benefit from the VMware WHMCS Module:

  • Auto-provisioning 

Your customers don’t have to wait for long hours after purchasing a VM series, as it gets deployed immediately.

  • VM management feature 

VM management service allows your customers to start, stop, reboot, shutdown, snapshot and console the VM.

  • Rebuild Server

Your customers have the authority to rebuild the server and select the operating system of their choice.

  • Manage ISO

All your customers can view ISO images that are defined in the system and can make changes to them from the client area directly. 

  • VM migration

Customers can send a request to the admin for server migration within seconds and it’ll be taken care of right away.

Therefore, to speed up your business and to make its IT operations smooth and seamless, buy your VMware WHMCS Modules now.

2. SoYouStart WHMCS Module

People have become very cautious about their data and always want to protect it with the best security. For this, they even prefer to buy the VPS or dedicated hosting for their website, so that all resources are used by them only.

With the SoYouStart WHMCS module, you can easily start VPS or a Dedicated web hosting business reseller business, without investing anything in hardware infrastructure. 

The reselling of the SoYouStart WHMCS module is completely white-labeled so that you can sell it to your customers under your brand name and earn some extra money.

Beneficial features of the SoYouStart WHMCS module are :

  • ACL Support

To allow and deny any features in the client area itself.

  • Installation status

Your customers can check the real-time installation status.

  • Power Control

Allows your customers to easily reboot and rescue their server from the WHMCS client area.

  • White Label Email Piping

Your customers will receive a white-labeled email for every event.

  • KVM viewer

KVM console can directly be accessed in WHMCS.

Therefore, in order to start your own reseller web hosting business, check out the SoYouStart WHMCS module to start selling right away.


While starting a web hosting business, make sure you study your audience and select the best WHMCS Service Providers like WHMCS Global Services. High-quality WHMCS providers like WHMCS Global Services, offer WHMCS addon modules, themes, templates, add-ons, and other custom services. 

These modules and themes make the web hosting website attractive. Also, these themes have various features that make the workflow of the business smooth. WHMCS Global Services also developed custom WHMCS modules that suit your business needs and automate the process of extra repetitionwork.

Looking for Something More? We can help!

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