WHMCS vs BoxBilling : Which one is superior?

WHMCS and BoxBilling difference are both popular web hosting automation platforms created to manage invoicing, billing, and customer support for hosting businesses. Selecting WHMCS and BoxBilling can be difficult for you when both platforms provide the best web hosting solutions.
So, to help you to make an informed decision and choose the best among you, we have covered a detailed comparison blog of WHMCS vs BoxBilling depending on features, pros and cons, customization options, client experience, pricing, and marketing/business aspects of BoxBilling and WHMCS to determine which one may be the superior choice for your requirement.

WHMCS vs BoxBilling: Comparison Chart 




Billing Portal 



Digital Billing 






Batch Invoicing 



Free Trial 





$5 Per User/Month 


What is WHMCS?  

A complete platform for web hosting management and automation is WHMCS. A single interface enables enterprises to manage billing, client administration, domain registration, ticket assistance, and other associated operations. 
WHMCS has been regarded as one of the top web hosting management software brands for a while now. As you may have anticipated, customer, billing, and domain administration are WHMCS’s most significant capabilities. This frees you up so that you may take care of other things like giving your clients technical help.

Key Features:

  • Web Hosting Automation
  • Set up multiple hosting tiers and products
  • Support Ticket System
  • Integration with Control Panels
  • Reporting and Statistics
  • Customized Dashboard

1. Established market presence and widely used in the industry 

2. Comprehensive feature set and robust functionality 

3. Integration with popular payment gateways and control panels 

4. Customizable with a wide range of themes and modules 

5. Extensive reporting and analytics for business insights

1. Most users think it’s expensive, But the pricing is worth it as it provides top-notch quality with a robust feature set.

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What is BoxBilling?

A billing and customer management tool created exclusively for web hosting companies is called BoxBilling. It provides essential features for managing clients, invoices, products, and support tickets.
BoxBilling provides a client portal where your clients can manage their accounts, view invoices, submit support tickets, and make payments. It also lets you store client details track their activities, and manage their services from the admin interface. 

Key Features:

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Domain Management
  • Support Ticket System
  • Collection Management
  • Exchange Rate Management

1. User-friendly interface and ease of use. 

2. Affordable pricing plans. 

3. Multilingual support for international businesses. 

4. Support for popular payment gateways.

1. Limited customization options compared to WHMCS. 

2. Smaller community and fewer available add-ons and modules. 

What can you expect from these: 

Both WHMCS and BoxBilling offer billing and automation capabilities, allowing you to manage clients, invoices, and support tickets. WHMCS provides a more comprehensive range of features and modules, while BoxBilling offers a more straightforward and lightweight solution.  

Client Experience: 
WHMCS provides a professional and feature-rich client experience with customizable templates, integration options, and a robust support ticket system. BoxBilling offers a more straightforward and user-friendly interface that may appeal to users who prefer a streamlined experience.  

WHMCS allows for extensive customization through modules and templates, enabling you to tailor the platform to your needs. BoxBilling, while offering some customization options through plugins and themes, has more limited customization capabilities compared to WHMCS.  

WHMCS follows a pricing model that includes monthly or owned licenses, with additional costs for specific modules and support. BoxBilling, on the other hand, is free and open source, meaning there are no direct costs associated with the platform.  

WHMCS offers built-in integration and marketing tools to help market and grow your reseller business. Boxbilling, a more straightforward platform, may have more limited marketing features.

WHMCS vs BoxBilling: Final Verdict  

 The decision between WHMCS and BoxBilling will rely on your unique needs, available funds, and required level of customization. WHMCS can be a good choice if you want a straightforward, inexpensive solution and are okay with having fewer capabilities. In the end, it is advised to consider your unique demands and preferences before making a choice.   

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