What Is The Difference Between WHM Autopilot vs WHMCS?

In this competitive landscape, hundreds and hundreds of companies are competing with your business with different web hosting plans. As your online business grows, your web hosting requirements will increase and become more complex, and here we are with two management tools WHM AutoPilot vs WHMCS.

As a requirement of web hosting management tools, Nowadays is increasing and here we will be discussing the difference between two such management tools, WHM AutoPilot and WHMCS, and ultimately find which one is better out of the two. 

 What is WHM Autopilot?

WHM Autopilot i.e. Web Hosting Management tool allows the hosting businesses to easily manage their clients and perform automatic account creation, automatic billing, etc.

You get comprehensive user-friendly suite tools in order to manage the following:

  • Create, delete, and suspend cPanel accounts.
  • Domain access and change of DNS zones. 
  • Managing and monitoring the websites (including password resets). 
  • The default page can be created when your new account is created. 
  • The ability to configure support requests via cPanel.
  • Authority to check the server information and status. 
  • Hosting and control panel customization with extensive branding.
  • Modify client domain names and user names. 

What is WHMCS?

Web Hosting Management Complete Solution is the latest upgraded Billing system for complete client management solutions in the Web Hosting Business world.

WHMCS has all the features of WHM AutoPilot including automatic billing, auto account creation, and a built-in help desk. But WHMCS offers way more solutions for billing management than WHM Pilot like:

  • Integrated Client Support Center with features like Support Ticketing and Knowledge Base
  • Automated Recurring Billing
  • Suspension
  • Termination
  • Payment Tracking and Statistical Reports
  • Multi-Language Support for CPanel an
  • Automated account creation, suspension, and termination
  • Customizable control panel using templates

Which one is the Ultimate Winner?

What do you think, which one has more features in WHM AutoPilot vs WHMCS?

You can buy WHMCS From their main website WHMCS.com

WHMCS provides the best solutions for hosting website requirements. However, there are other alternatives like Blesta and Clientexec, but they not as efficient and advanced as WHMCS. 

Therefore WHMCS is the ultimate winner. 

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