WHMCS Gandi.Net Module Released over Marketplace

We are pleased to announce our new release of the Gandi.Net WHMCS Module. Now, the WHMCS users can sell, renew or transfer the domains via Gandi.Net. Make your customers get the best domain names along with the extensions just by registering or transferring their domains with WHMCS Gandi.Net Module.

Below are some of the highlighted key features of the module:

1. Register/Transfer/Renew/Cancel Domain:

Admin does not need to manually register a domain on Gandi.Net, with our module a domain will be automatically registered after the completion of the payment by the customer. Your customers can also transfer/renew and cancel a domain through the client area.

2. Updating Nameservers

Your customers can easily update the nameservers in case they have a plan to migrate their hosting from your website to another hosting provider.

3. Updating Contact Details

The customer has permission to manage their contact details while registering a domain.

4. Get the EPP code

Your customer can easily generate an EPP code if they want to relocate their domain from Gandi.net to a different domain registrar.

5. Enabling/Disabling the auto-renewal of the domain

Your customers can enable as well as disable the domain auto-renewal process in the client area.

6. Lock/Unlock Registrar

With the help of our module, the admin can lock or unlock the transfer of domains on the website to make it more secure.

7. Managing DNS records

With this module, your customers can manage the entire DNS records in the client area.

8. WHOIS privacy

Whenever your customer purchases a domain on the website, he/she has the ability to take the advantage of hiding their identity.

Overview of the Module

Don’t tie your clients down with dull domain extensions; instead, use our WHMCS Gandi.net (Oldest Domain Registrar with 700+ Domain Registrars) modules to provide them with the greatest domain extensions. With our plugin, you enable your clients to register/transfer domains with over 700+ domain extension options.
Our addon connects WHMCS with Gandi.net by automatically provisioning the domain following a successful purchase.

As they say, Begin with a domain name. Build your website with Gandi.

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