Top 4 Web Hosting Websites Templates of 2023

Summary: Want to design or customize your hosting website effortlessly? Let the machines do the heavy lifting for you. Check out the best Web Hosting Websites Templates that come with many functions and features to design & boost your hosting website.

As a hosting provider, you must build a website that speaks for your business. It should be attractive, fully operational, and fast enough to set an example for your potential customers.  For this to happen, the best theme you choose plays a vital role. 

And when it comes to designing and customizing websites, WHMCS is worth your attention. The tools and features you get with WHMCS templates help you kick-start or manage your web hosting website in no time. 

In this blog, we will discuss 3 of the best web hosting themes that can help you boost your business effortlessly. But before we dig deeper into the best WHMCS templates, let us first know the benefits of using web hosting templates for building your website.

How Can Web Hosting Websites Templates Benefit Your Hosting Website?

When building your web hosting website templates, you must focus on the below-mentioned traits. If your web hosting website misses these aspects, the templates that we are going to discuss in the next section can help you.

1. Attractive Design

Even you won’t like a website with no hues or visuals or typography. You must choose a web hosting theme that promises a neat, attractive, and organized look that wows your visitors and potential customers. Also, design a hosting website that depicts your business style perfectly.   

2. User Experience

You must ensure that your web hosting website offers a great and not just a good user experience. The first thing you should not overlook is website responsiveness. While most of your visitors are likely to access your website on desktops, you should not overlook those who may access it on their tablets or smartphones. 

Another major UX aspect is the loading speed of your website and obviously, it should be fast. Why? If a potential buyer who is looking for good hosting to speed up his website will not trust a hosting provider like you with a website that takes ages to load. 

Consider choosing a WHMCS template that ensures the exceptional website performance that your business and your visitors deserve. 

3. WHMCS Integration

The foremost requirement for any website owner is having an ideal management solution to customize and manage their website. And when it comes to website management, WHMCS is worth a mention. WHMCS or web host manager’s complete solution simplifies the operation of your hosting business.  

The WHMCS templates we have mentioned in this blog offer flawless design and excellent quality. 

4. Site Navigation

Make your website journey as easy as possible for your visitors. Hence, you must ensure that all the services you offer are quick to access, both on desktop and mobile devices. Incorporate pricing and business offerings on the first page so that your potential buyers can learn about and go for them in no time. However, don’t forget the user experience while enhancing the site’s navigability. 

5. Easy Customization

Change is inevitable, even in the case of websites. You may feel the need to make minor to major changes in your site’s appearance or functionality at any time. Choose a web hosting template that allows you to tweak your website in the simplest way. 

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Top 4 Web Hosting Websites Templates To Design & Customize Your Business

 1. HostX Web Hosting Website Template

HostX whmcs website templates

HostX WHMCS Template is a popular, multi-purpose, and one of the dynamic templates. This web hosting theme design is so easy to use that even a 5th grader can build the trendiest websites. 

The theme comes with numerous tools and features. It is also a complete package with the front end, client area, and order form template. 

Also, the pre-built pages make theme customization super convenient. What more? The HostX WHMCS Template also comes with built-in SEO tools to optimize your web hosting site and improve its performance in search engines. 

Noticeable Features: 

  • Page Manager
  • Top Menu
  • SEO Manager
  • Dynamic testimonials
  • Live Timer on Offer
  • Live ChatPrice Start from $144.00 One time only

2. CloudX Web Hosting Website Template

CloudX whmcs website templates

CloudX WHMCS Template is a comprehensive theme designed to streamline and simplify the management of a web hosting business. With its robust feature and user-friendly interface, the CloudX WHMCS theme empowers you to efficiently handle billing and provisioning, and seamlessly design the WHMCS website.  

Noticeable Features:

  • Multi Layout Unique Homepage style  
  • Multi Layout Navigation and Header style  
  • 15+ unique prebuilt layout  
  • Multi Layout invoice page 
  • Custom BadgePrice Start from $144.00 One time only

3. ClientX WHMCS Template

ClientX whmcs website templates

ClientX WHMCS template lets you customize the color and style of your web hosting website as per your interest. This web hosting theme comes with different elegant and engaging WHMCS layouts. 

If you are a beginner, this theme is for you. It offers clear guidelines to assist you with using it in layman’s language. Also, this web hosting design is compatible with more than 200 WHMCS modules. 

Regular updates are another significant aspect of this WHMCS template, which leaves a lot of scope for customization for businesses.

Noticeable Features:

  • Eye-Catching Home Page
  • Social Signup 
  • Multiple menu styles
  • RTL supported 
  • Custom Orderform
  • Domain registration pagePrice  :  $99.00 One time only

4. TwentyX WHMCS Template

TwentyX whmcs website templates

TwentyX WHMCS Template is among the best-listed WHMCS web hosting theme with notable features. This highly intuitive theme provides a professional and sleek design that enhances the user experience for hosting providers and their clients with its extensive customization options and seamless integration with WHMCS.   

Noticeable Features:  

  • Highly Responsive 
  • No License Check  
  • Never Lose Changes
  • Flat and Modern Design  
  • Multilingual Supported 

Web Hosting Websites Templates – The Final Say

So, these are our top picks for the best web hosting themes category. While you may find many others, determining the best is what makes the difference. We have brought you the above selection of WHMCS templates with extraordinary features and tools to help you build, customize, and control your web hosting website. 

If you have your favorite, feel free to share it with us in the comments below. 

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WHMCS templates provide a pre-designed and customizable framework for your WHMCS-powered website. They offer a professional and visually appealing layout, saving you time and effort in designing and coding from scratch. With WHMCS templates, you can quickly set up your business website and customize it to match your branding and requirement

Customizing WHMCS templates usually involves modifying the template files, CSS stylesheets, and images. You can customize the colors, fonts, logos, and other visual elements to match your branding. Additionally, you can modify the template’s structure and layout by editing the HTML and PHP files. WHMCS provides documentation and resources to guide you through the customization process.

Yes, you can integrate WHMCS templates with your existing website by incorporating the template’s design and functionality into your website’s framework. WHMCS provides documentation on integrating their templates, including instructions for header and footer integration, ensuring a seamless transition between your main website and the WHMCS-powered client area. 

Yes, most WHMCS templates are designed to be mobile-friendly and responsive. They adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions, providing an optimal viewing experience on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

You can find WHMCS templates from WHMCS Global Services, WHMCS marketplaces, third-party theme marketplaces, and independent web designers and developers.

WHMCS template developers often update their templates to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WHMCS. When choosing a template, make sure it explicitly states compatibility with the version of WHMCS you are using. Additionally, it’s recommended to check for user reviews and ratings

To create a template in WHMCS, follow these steps: 

-Create a new folder in the “templates” directory of your WHMCS installation. 

-Inside the new folder, create an “index.php” file as the main template file. 

-Customize the HTML and PHP code in the “index.php” file to design the template layout. 

-Optionally, create additional template files for specific pages or sections, such as header.php, footer.php, sidebar.php, etc. 

-Modify the CSS stylesheets in the “css” folder to customize the template’s appearance. 

-Upload any additional images or assets required for the template into the respective directories. 

-Log in to the WHMCS admin area, go to Setup > General Settings, and select the newly created template from the “Template” drop-down menu. 

-Save the settings, and your custom template will be applied to your WHMCS installation. 

Note: This is a simplified summary of the process. For a more detailed guide, you can contact us! 

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