HostX V1.0.5 Released Now

After the immense success of ClientX, HostX has become our second highest selling product. So, to keep it moving at a constant pace, we’ve introduced some of the advanced features which are recommended by our customers. Clinging that in mind, we’ve added many new features in our new HostX V1.0.5.

Let’s find out the new features what we have released in this new v1.0.5.

All New Drag n Drop Page Builder

From the very beginning, since we released HostX, we constantly receive requests regarding HostX from our customers to make the solutions more modular in order to transport the sections from one specific page to another one.

So, keeping this thing in mind, we’ve eventually created the solution and that is, Drag n Drop Page Builder. Now, if a user keeps his vision to import any section from 1 page to the other one, then he can easily perform this.

we have created the blocks for each and every section and integrated them in WHMCS Template HostX Addon. So, a user can just drag the block and drop to the desired specific page wherever he wants to add that particular section.

We have also added an option to shuffle the sections within a specific page by just changing the orders via dragging and dropping the blocks.

Custom Blocks Section

To make the page builder more scalable, we’ve provided an option for our customers to create their own custom blocks and import them on any desired page.

New Marketplace Page

We have got so many requests to add new marketplace pages, namely SSL certificates, website builder, site lock as well as Email Services. So, we’ve created them with a fresh and superb design.

Banner Contents Made Dynamic

Previously there was no option to change the contents dynamically from the HostX addon. The user had to change it statically through the code. But, we understood the precious time of our customers and made the banner contents fully dynamic from HostX WHMCS Template addon.

Apart for the new releases we have improvised many things in this version.

Content: We have made some content amendments that are related to grammatical errors, spelling issues etc…

SEO Manager: We have improvised the meta tags for some pages, another update is soon in plan which will brings many SEO Updates.

Cross Browser Compatibility: There were some issues in the Safari browser. We have improvised them in this update.

Optimized Product Loading Speed: Many users complained to us regarding the loading speed of the products on some dedicated server pages. Now we have totally improvised the code of the WHMCS Template HostX to make the product loading super fast.

There were few bugs that are fixed in V1.0.5

Banner Issues: We have fixed all the emerging banner issues relatively including minor issues in styling.

WHMCS 7.7 Compatibility Issues:

There were some conflictions coming due to the newly introduced Google Captcha in the WHMCS 7.7. So we have added a new check that will read the WHMCS version first before applying the Google Captcha.

Concludingly, we would like to invite you all in the comments section where you can recommend us any suggestion related to our future updates.

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