COVID- 19: Is It A Boon For Web Hosting Industry?

The whole world is suffering amid COVID-19 and so is the  Web Hosting Industry. The world has never been so still before. Covid-19’s impact on hosting is being like a social animal who can never stay within four walls of the house now has made those four walls his/her world. The horrific reality, isn’t it? But it’s the rule of life if there is darkness then light will eventually emerge.

At a time when every business is suffering or seeing its darkest hour, an online platform has come as the ray of light.

Still not getting the idea? Imagine a scenario with the same situations but the only difference is you can’t have access to the internet, you can’t order anything online.

Exactly the shocked expression on your face and the twitch in your heart is enough to be the icebreaker of the scenario.

Now you must be grateful that the business industry is operating online. All the credit goes to web hosting companies who are providing the best services even in this period of time.

Let’s discuss how the web hosting industry is playing a major role.

Covid-19’s Impact on Hosting Industry

Before providing a solution we must address the problem first.

The traditional model of business is now the toughest thing to do during a coronavirus outbreak. Because as precautions you must follow all the norms like wearing masks, social distancing, disinfecting everything, avoiding touching any sort of surface, and so on.

But do you think it is possible to follow these rules in the traditional model of business? No, it can’t happen.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation of the clothing business. Earlier while going on shopping do you just see the article and purchase it? No, you check the fabric, you try it on and see if it fits you properly or not, and many more things which you consider and do.

But are you able to do the same procedure now? No. In this case, comes the role of websites that provide you with a wide range of options and the full description of the product.

If you are among the people who think COVID-19 has disrupted their smooth business then this article will give you a new ray of hope.

According to the study, E-commerce rose 47.8% to $45.9 billion in revenue. We have the biggest example of Inc, which is the go-to shopping site for many consumers during COVID-19.

Amazon reported a 43.4% increase in North American sales and 33.5% worldwide revenue growth in the second quarter. As consumers went online in large numbers to buy food during the coronavirus pandemic, online grocery sales tripled in 2019.

So, many of the hosting providers faced sales dip because of  Covid-19’s impact on the hosting industry. By following the right strategies, every business can boost up sales and double its revenue.

Now we must move forward to find the answer to another related question and that is

How to Boost Business Sales amid COVID-19? 

Taking business on an online platform is the option one can go for. It not only saves the business from going into complete ruin but also provides a new horizon for it.

Simply means an online business can give you stability plus expand your business.

What else do you want? Even the confinement of the four walls can’t stop you from achieving your dream and earning a hefty amount.

And amid Covid-19’s impact on hosting, web hosting companies are the best support for small and medium-sized businesses or reseller businesses. Businesses can only make their website accessible to other users when they have space over the internet or server. And that is possible only if they purchase a hosting plan provided by web hosting companies.

Here are some of the Major COVID-19 Impacts on Hosting Companies

Still, wondering if COVID-19 is a boon for web hosting companies? Let’s have a look at some of the impacts:

Improved Sales

Amid this outbreak, most of business owners have already started selling their products and services online. To start building an online presence, they first approach a web hosting service provider to get online space for their website. As a result, the sales of web hosting companies increased many folds. Moreover, SEO plays a vital role in increasing sales by boosting website traffic.

Blessing in Disguise

Selling online and building an online presence without a website is not possible. So, thankfully web hosting providers are allowing you to showcase your products and services on your website by providing a virtual space online.

Even more, many web hosting companies are providing numerous offers for newbies. Even, companies are offering free hosting services for a few months just to help during these difficult times due to major Covid-19’s impact on the 4hosting industry. They are also trying their best to uplift small-size businesses that are suffering extremely in the time of the pandemic.

Increased Profit

With the continuous increase in online businesses and websites, hosting service providers are enjoying a boost in revenue. According to Statista, it is expected that the hosting, storage, and computing market will amount to approximately 162.8 billion U.S. Dollars by 2021.


Most of hosting providers aim to build customer trust for a lifetime. So, they believe to opt for advancement in their services. To achieve new heights, companies offer

99.9% Uptime, 24/7 Customer support, the best price, and strong security with an SSL certificate and embedded DDoS protection. 

After considering the above-mentioned points, it is not wrong to say that COVID-19 is a boon for web hosting companies. Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has brought tough times for the whole world. In the web industry also, the competition is really high, and to match the expectations of your potential customers, it is imperative to work on new strategies.

Have a Look at Web Hosting Trends After Covid-19’s Impact on Web Hosting Industry

The growth of the hosting industry is amazing and here are some of the latest hosting trends hosting web hosting companies should follow to maintain their position in the market:

Green Web Hosting

The web Hosting Industry badly affects the environment. Ever thought about it? Well, this is reality. The hardware in data centers where all your website data get stored needs to be stored in a cool and controlled environment. They require energy-intensive maintenance resulting in CO2 production.

These days, web hosting companies are investing in green web hosting which allows web hosts to reduce negative impacts on the environment. They invest in carbon offsetting schemes by gaining renewable energy certificates (REC) or carbon offset certificates (VER). These certificates certify that the companies are helping in generating renewable energy and practicing reduced greenhouse gas output.

Cloud Hosting

Many areas of technology have already adopted the cloud. It is expected that cloud data centers to process 94% of workloads in 2021.

It’s now a web hosting industry opting for a cloud hosting trend with no physical servers and data storage across multiple computers. Cloud hosting is more reasonable as it eliminates the constraints of typical server configurations and physical servers. It provides access via the internet or network connection.

Cloud hosting is both scalable and reliable and its virtual resources are available 24/7. Moreover, its pay-as-you-use model always attracts customers to opt for it.

Security Protocols

Increasing instances of data violations and cybersecurity meltdowns have become a big concern for hosting providers. They are required to enforce more tightened security.

This is why web hosting providers emphasize hosting security protocols, such as the standard SSL certification, compliance checks for CMS vulnerabilities, and encrypted data storage.


Non-HTTPS websites are not secure – declared by Google. Even more, Google Chrome promised fair rankings to boost to encourage sites to shift into HTTPS. So, HTTPS has become mandatory for websites to rank higher on search engines, build customer trust, and protect sensitive data.

Therefore, it has become imperative for web hosting providers to offer customers HTTPS. Even, many hosting companies are offering FREE HTTPS to stay ahead in the race.


Competition in the web hosting industry is increasing every day. Not unique tools and features, but they also have to work on the price schemes as well. Tempting offers and fairly discounted buy-in deals always attract new customers. Among all web hosting services, shared hosting services are usually available at lower prices. There are hosting providers in the market offering the services free for three months to stand out from the competition.

Additional Services

Web hosting service providers are no longer limited to offering servers and storing files, they have started offering services including HTTPS, SSL, DDoS protection, web design, e-mail marketing solutions, and more. Offering services for free or at lower prices can tempt the customers but providing several value-added services can help you build a strong client base.

It is well said, the worst of the times can be the best of the times. It only depends on the ways you choose.

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