Future of Cloud Computing Trends

Revolutionary changes have been experienced by technology in the recent era. Many organizations, whether startups or established firms have ventured into the Future of Cloud Computing. This experience is necessary to become successful in this competitive marketplace.

Digital transformation is the most innovative way to gratify customers and for this reason, companies rely on cloud hosting.

Agility, flexibility, and scalability are what define cloud hosting. You pay for the services used and this declines the operational cost. In addition, it improves the overall productivity of the organization while moving towards transformation. Undeniably, cloud hosting is a primary factor why businesses are flourishing.

The future of Cloud Computing is all about maximizing the utility of the network servers. This helps users with improved functionality, more storage, quick processing, and high security. For bringing a digital transformation, every organization should leverage advanced technologies so that the business processes are revolutionized.

Stats to Consider:

As per LogicMonitor’s Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of the Cloud Study, 83% of Enterprise Workload will be on the cloud by the end of 2020. Out of which 41% enterprise workload is run on public platforms.

According to the authentic Gartner Report, public cloud services have exponentially risen by 18% in 2019, from $180b in 2018 to $215b in 2019.

Future of Cloud Computing what are the expectations of this technology

1. Reaching New Heights with Cloud: What does the future of Cloud Computing hold?

Cloud hosting is a cornerstone of business organizations as it offers secure access to system data and a high level of security. This seamless facilitation helps users with multiple authentication levels, a centralized database, and various automated servers.

2. Serverless Architecture Will be the Key

Today, a considerable amount of time, as well as resources, are invested in the development of innovative applications. Consequently, serverless architecture assists developers in system and application creation with ease.

3. Artificial Intelligence: In the spotlight

Unstoppable innovation and cloud hosting providers will help AI and IoT stay at the forefront. They will support emerging technologies while adapting to various platforms.

Today, more devices take plenty of time and processing power to study unstructured data. The data is sent to the server which decreases the response time of AI. Therefore, industry experts have predicted that smartphones will use inference continuously in the future.

Inference means where Artificial Intelligence grasps in the cloud is where AI learns in the cloud and applies the knowledge gained to real-life issues. This will further help in categorizing images as per the content and thereby respond to voice commands.

4. Efficient Data Management

As per big data generation stats, 40 zettabytes of data will be created by the end of 2020. There are different challenges being faced when the data volume is high:

  1. Storage
  2. Processing
  3. Data management

The cloud hosting providers furnishes a one-stop solution to tackle all the aforementioned challenges. With the help of the cloud, data is divided into small packets and managed virtually. This helps organizations amplify big data management in the following ways.

  1. Applications are processed at a faster pace
  2. Easy to manage data
  3. Securely managed data as a cloud is centralized
  4. Accurate data analysis results.

5. Better Digital-First Infrastructure

By 2050, the population of the world will surge to a high number (say 12 billion). Large numbers will be concentrated in urban areas and this will require innovative digital solutions to manage everything.

The cloud will start providing a digital infrastructure for smart cities which may include:

  1. Connected vehicles
  2. Smart parking facilities
  3. Efficient farms
  4. Power Plants
  5. Well-equipped trains and subways

If all this management becomes possible, the credit goes to the cloud’s capability to store and analyze data. Also, organizations will effortlessly be able to access artificial intelligence, data analytics, etc.

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Wrapping Up

The  Future of Cloud Computing will make inroads in the enterprise industry, everyone is looking forward to the model’s evolution.

The strategies will continue to play a key role in the organization’s network and strategy in the upcoming years. With scalability and flexibility, tools help in driving better business results. Unquestionably, the cloud hosting future is prosperous as there are a lot of expectations.

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