How to enable the debugging mode in whmcs

If you are getting the following error :

1).Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn’t process your request.
Please go back to the previous page and try again.

2). Entirely blank page.

3). 500 Internal Server error.

In order to find the exact issue follow the easy steps :

Login to your WHMCS admin .
Navigate to Setup > General Settings > Other Tab
Tick the Display Errors checkbox located towards the bottom of the page.

Display ErrorsTick to enable Displaying PHP Errors (Not recommended for production use)
Log ErrorsTick to enable logging of PHP Errors when possible (Not recommended for daily production use)
SQL Debug ModeTick to enable logging of SQL Errors (Use only for testing purposes)
Hooks Debug ModeTick to enable logging of Hook Calls (Use only for testing purposes)

Once you done the above steps try to access the page and you will find the exact error and than you can contact your third party vendor or module other.

Note : Don’t forget to uncheck Display Errors when you are finished troubleshooting. Leaving error display enabled can be a security concern.