Event Recap: TechSparks 2019 Highlights

It is been around 3 days since we have returned from Bengaluru after attending the Techsparks 2019 event. We have been back with full-fledged ideas for our business and to our customers as well.

We have visited every corner of the Tech Sparks event and found some awesome future technology details that will actually change the tech journey of India. We have listened to the conversations with business leaders as well as investors. Additionally, experts and leaders in the fintech, logistics, foodtech, content, e-sports, mobility, agritech and healthcare had left no stone unturned into the innovative inventions in the industries that are hovered to shape the future.

It is of course not possible to share everything in a single post about what happened in the event. You can check out here.

What we have delivered in the Techsparks event is mostly to connect people with WHMCS. As there are entrepreneurs present in the Techsparks event who do not know well about WHMCS and we have well-introduced WHMCS to them. Furthermore, we have guided them on how we can help them in starting up a web hosting business to make their online success and serve their customers well with WHMCS.

We got a chance to meet our Indian Client – Team Serverwala

Overall we have delivered the best and we are looking to attend more such events in the near future.

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