Why Automation in VM Provisioning is Important for Web Hosting Companies?

There were days when having a website was optional to run the business. But, now it is impossible to afford even a few minutes downtime. It eventually means the only mission is to find the best web hosting provider for them. But it cannot be that much easy because there are so many options available from the local web hosting providers to the national web hosting providers.

It is really hard to start your own web hosting company but not impossible. You may see thousands of fishes in this web hosting  industry  but you must know how to swim above the water. It is not any quick rich scheme or any easy business to run.

Every business needs  the organization usually needs the web hosting services so that they can make their webpage accessible to the whole world by world wide web. So, the main aim of any web hosting provider is to make live the portfolio of client websites as well as applications. As we can also observe that online market competition has been growing at a very quick rate. The market for web hosting services is growing swiftly with 16% of compound annual growth rate according to the Global Forecast. So, we can expect that it will reach roughly at USD 154 billion by the end of 2022.

Generally, the web hosting companies opt all the backend concerns which mainly indulges all the maintenance and repair of the servers. You guarantee the 2x fast performance as well as 4x well-enhanced security to your customers. In the case of receiving dissatisfaction of the services from your customers, you must go for the option of 30 days money back guarantee which will make your core values strong.

There are some stats on the basis of which you can serve well as a web hosting provider:

1. Technical support

Everyone got the user’s guide and warranty while buying every product. Similarly, every smart solution comes with proper support, instructions as well as warranty. Many people have to face problems while using the relevant services and need urgent support. If the providers don’t bother about their customer’s situations, they may lose their users who won’t come back. A web hosting provider should always provide 24/7 technical support to their users in case of any  technical issues at server end. Assuring 0% down time to your customers should be your sole motto.

2. Prompt setup

The web hosting provider needs to provide a proper setup to the organizations. Manually installing an operating system, creating an IP address is getting an old way. Here is a WHMCS Vmware module that provides auto VM provisioning when user completes its purchase. It has the ability to remove all the entire IT operations required. Instead of running the setup manually, it makes the completed process automatic. Module automates several provisioning tasks such as network configuration, instances of start and stops the server; assigning IP & network adapter as well as installing OS on sever.

3. High Traffic Management

The web hosting provider must know how to handle and manage heavy traffic with the best load balancing techniques.

4. Backups

To host a web, one must know how to manage the website backups. They must ensure the space on the web against data loss. The web hosting companies also provide the optimal data security along with the data backups on a daily basis. In case of an unfortunate incident where the system(s) is at loss or fail, the customers are guaranteed with a quick restore and system back up.

5. Server Speed:

You must not annoy your customers with a slow server speed after gaining a very reasonable traction. If you provide the good server speed then the chances are they will attain improved conversions and bounce rate in their website. It will ultimately help your customers to rise above in the search results.

If you lag behind in providing any of the services mentioned above, it will make you the bad web host which can have really negative effects on the search rankings of your customers. You could end up wasting your money, so many important resources and mainly hard work of your business. It will gradually affect your online authority in a long run. It is better to maintain all the points mentioned above while thinking of hosting a web server.

I am certainly sure that you will take care of all the principles mentioned above to make better growth of your web hosting company. Always take care of the fact that you provide best and cheap hosting packages which actually suit the customer needs. If you like to achieve growth in your business, then you also must care about your customers’ business growth. It is really necessary to retain the trust of your customers by defining the core values of your business. The actual success of your web hosting solutions depends on the consistent reputation of your business.