WHMCS 7.6 Beta Version Released With Top New Features

WHMCS 7.6 Beta Version Released

Enjoying the automated operations with WHMCS as we launch WHMCS 7.6 Beta

We love to serve our clients with our WHMCS Global Services. Today, we are pleased to announce that WHMCS has released its new version 7.6.

Want to check what is new in this 7.6 Upgrade?

WHMCS has released some new features and improvised the relevant as follows:

WHMCS Domain Name Spinning: WHMCS has been providing with the best domain name suggestions so that they can drive more and more domain registrations. But now, with the help of the machine learning, WHMCS name spinning delivers more relevant domain name suggestions. It delivers the better marketing leading speed.

If you are new to WHMCS, then it gets enabled by default. But, if you are using the WHMCS Standard WHOIS, then it automatically gets upgraded to the feature of new Domain namespinning. So, you can check out this behavior while navigating to Setup > Domain Registrars > Lookup Provider after the upgrade.

Font Awesome 5: They have introduced alteration in the naming and styling of icons as well as a number of template changes needed by the Font Awesome 5 migration.

The WHMCS users have to keep in mind to apply all the changes to the custom templates to neglect the missing or broken items.

Changes to the MaxMind functionality: In this new beta version of WHMCS, you will receive the changes in the Maxmind module as well as an update to a Maxmind API so you need Maxmind User ID for the authentication. If you have enabled MaxMind in WHMCS, then you should be entering your MaxMind user ID for the fraud check to make smooth and continue functioning.

You will attain the MaxMind API requests failing if there is a failure to enter the User ID. The user needs to visit the SetUp> Fraud Protection> MaxMind and make the user Id enter into the appropriate field. You can visit https://www.maxmind.com to acquire the User ID.

New Weebly plans:

The new beta version of WHMCS avails two new Weebly plans with the MarketConnect. The plans include:

  • Weebly lite: It is an entry-level offering designed for a single page site at $1.99/month.
  • Weebly performance: It is basicalLy an e-commerce option which is designed for power sellers to generate additional e-commerce related functionality.

If this feature of Weebly gets enable within the WHMCS installation, the above two plans will get created and avail automatically.

MarketConnect UX Updates:

With the new beta version of WHMCS 7.6, MarketConnect has launched a number of new features such as:

  • The improved design and styling of the client area as well as shopping cart promotions.
  • The newly launched options for sidebar promotion for all the MarketConnect services.
  • The support for built-in translation to customize or translate the promotions as well as upsell messaging.
  • Advanced user experience with the promotions and upsells.
Libraries which get updated along with the version:

The updated libraries:

  • phpmailer/phpmailer: 5.2.21 to 5.2.26
  • smarty/smarty: 3.1.29 to 3.1.32
  • tecnickcom/tcpdf: 6.2.12 to 6.2.17

Added libraries:

  • phpseclib/mycrypt_compat:1.0.5
  • phpmyadmin/sql-parser:4.2.4

So, these are the new features and some advancement in the latest version of WHMCS.

We are trying our best to contribute in the Beta testing process of the latest version 7.6 of WHMCS. We are finding little to moderate issues in the new Beta version, so reporting directly to WHMCS team to fasten the stable launch of 7.6 version. Let’s discuss in the comments the issues you find while upgrading and after.

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